Pacuare Lodge



Perched on the bank of the Pacuare river, surrounded by tropical wilderness and thick rainforest cascading down steep mountain slopes, Pacuare Lodge is the centre point of your jungle adventure. Located in the heart of the Talamanca Mountains on a private reserve, with sweeping views of the river and jungle-draped canyons, fall in love with this peaceful paradise existing in harmony with its vibrant surroundings.

Key Features

  • Secluded villas and 20 suites with private terraces
  • Situated on the banks of the Pacuare river
  • Activities include canyoning, rafting, zip lining, and sustainability tours
  • Arrive in style by river, land or helicopter
  • Features iconic infinity pool and riverfront spa
  • On-site microbrewery, with two unique craft beers (the Pacuare IPS and a crisp Pale Ale) served to guests


Arrive at Pacuare by water, sky or road, and immediate become enticed as the charming main house emerges from the rainforest before you. Nestled peacefully on the edge of the river, the lodge blends seamlessly into the environment and captures the cool breezes that roll off the river and forest canopy. The elegantly furnished villas and river suites, each holding their own individual character, are sat on ridges amidst exuberant tropical greenery. Opt for the Jaguar Villa for the most luxurious stay next to the Pacuare River with a spacious terrace with a spring-fed pool. Or, escape to the Canopy Villa to spend your nights among the treetops. With 360-degree rainforest views from your deck and pool, there is also a private suspension bridge leading to a platform high in a towering rainforest tree.


The lodge’s idyllic location expedites an assortment of jungle options. For the more adventurous, jump into the thrills of white-water rafting the Pacuare river or venture to the treetops for some adrenaline fuelled canopy traversing. Discover the rich biodiversity harboured in the forest with some nature filled canyoning in the Tesorito Creek Gorge. Experience breath-taking rock climbing, ziplining over a magnificent forest-scape, and rappelling down a refreshing waterfall.

Hike among the Talamanca mountains deep into ancient forests to the legendary Sendero de las Mulas trail used by the local Cabécar people for generations. Or absorb the forest while bird watching or unearthing a hidden mystical waterfall in the heartland of the Nairi Awari Indigenous Reserve. Engage in Pacuare’s rural experiences or enter the protected homelands of the Cabécar Indigenous People and learn about their ancient folklore traditions, end your day with a dip in a glittering waterfall pool. Pacuare’s naturalist guides and ornithologists will be with you to answer any questions on this unforgettable escapade.

Pacuare’s Nairi Awari restaurant employs local talented Costa Ricans from the nearby small towns and indigenous communities who take pride in the quality and flavour of their exotic dishes using locally sourced, organic produce of exceptional grade. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown in the lodge’s own organic farm, Las Nubes de Tuis, which is located on the lush mountain slopes of nearby Turrialba Volcano. Inspired by the seasonal changes, taste local fusion cuisine and innovative recipes in an unforgettable dining experience with outstanding food served in remote and wild hideaways.

Merging seamlessly from lodge to jungle discover Pacuare’s innovative El Nido (The Nest). Glide down a 130-meter cable to a high platform in a colossal exotic tree sacred to the ancient Mayans. Become surrounded by tropical birds in the treetops as you dine from this uniquely suspended aerial perch affording panoramic views of the Pacuare River and surrounding jungle. Back on ‘tierra firme’ indulge in a private romantic dinner alongside the river, lit with a firepit, candles and surrounded by nature. Savour an exquisite meal under the stars listening to the crackle of the fire, chirping tree frogs and the gush of flowing water. This is a rainforest culinary experience unlike any other.

Pacuare also has a large collection of vintage wine and its own micro-brewery, producing two unique craft beers Pacuare IPA and a crisp and refreshing Pale Ale.


Pacuare Lodge exemplifies a robust conservation programme dedicated to safeguarding the native jaguar species, their prey, and the surrounding habitats. The commitment to sustainability extends to the property's energy sources, as all energy used is self-generated and derived from renewable resources such as solar panels and a hydroelectric micro-central turbine, complemented by energy-efficient technologies. The construction of the lodge prioritised environmental preservation, with no trees felled for its accommodation, and lumber sourced from a local reforestation project led by farmers. Traditional thatching techniques by the Cabécar Indians, using palm leaves from Pacuare's forest reserve, further reflect the lodge's integration with local practices. Pacuare Lodge is fully dedicated to sustainable tourism, investing in recycling initiatives and community outreach programs to support the well-being of local residents.

Moreover, the commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in the bathrooms equipped with biodegradable soap and shampoo, solar-heated water, and high-calibre septic systems to prevent pollution of nearby rivers. The lodge actively hires local personnel, with 95% of rafting guides originating from Turrialba, the closest city. As part of its carbon-neutral initiatives, Pacuare Lodge has acquired 840 acres of primary forests for preservation, effectively offsetting the lodge's carbon footprint and protecting the diverse flora and fauna species that inhabit this pristine area.

Why we love it

Hidden in the heart of one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, Pacuare Lodge creates an unforgettable atmosphere blending impeccably into the jungle. This eco-friendly escape is consciously aware of its place in the rainforest and its obligation to protect it. At Pacuare, retreat to your secluded villa and drift off to the soft rumble of the Pacuare river and the aroma of jungle blossoms, restoring your energy for another exciting day of exploration.

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