man surfing in Costa Rica

A Heli-Surfing Adventure in Costa Rica

Discover world-class wave breaks on an epic surfing adventure down Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. Assisted by helicopter you will land in some of the most remote beaches and bays across this beautiful country where warm waters and perfect waves create magical experiences.

When to go
From Price
£26,000 PP*
Ideal Length
7 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Strong surf swells and breaks create a sensational surfing experience
  • Hiking, mountain biking experiences and river paddle boarding.
  • Snorkelling and world-class yoga
  • Plethora of beachfront restaurants

Roca Bruja

Begin your journey at the world-famous surf break of Roca Bruja, located within the idyllic nature haven of the Santa Rosa National Park. Backdropped by the iconic volcano rock, the strong surf swells and breaks both left and right creating a sensational surfing experience. Challenging, yet enticing, this surf spot is a true adventure, enhanced even more by its remote location.

Playa Tamarindo

Soaring down the Pacific Coast to Playa Tamarindo, you will gain spectacular vistas from air, whilst keeping your eyes out for spinner dolphins and whales that jump across the waters below you. This chic surf town boasts a range of surf breaks, the best being the enthralling waves that break in a river-mouth where the swell creates the perfect surfing waves. With pristine white sand beaches, this idyllic spot is completely beautiful.

Nicoya Peninsula

Your helicopter will continue down the coast, taking you to the Nicoya Peninsula where the charming coastal town of Nosara oozes a laid-back atmosphere with some of the best surf on the Pacific Coast. With an unfailing surf break, the beaches boast rhythmical waves and strong swells. Surrounded by mangroves and forests, this is a spectacular location to discover challenging hiking and mountain biking experiences, as well as peaceful river paddle boarding.

The beaches are a hub of relaxation, with pristine water for snorkelling and world-class yoga. At the end of a thrilling day surfing, unwind in tropical beach bars as the sun changes colour across the ocean, creating a mesmerising visual.

Santa Teresa

Boarding your helicopter, fly down the coast to Santa Teresa, soaring over luscious jungle that meets the ocean creating a mesmerising vista from above. Bathed by rolling waves, the small beach town of Santa Teresa oozes peace and tranquillity. Here you will discover three fantastic surf breaks which are characterised by faster, hollow and more powerful waves than Nosara, creating a greater adrenaline experience.

Cabo Blanco

Not to be missed is the plethora of beachfront restaurants offering a variety of fusion and local flavours, featuring freshly caught seafood, tropical fruits and locally grown vegetables. Surrounded by the exuberant tropical ecosystem of Cabo Blanco, discover a captivating variety of monkey species, anteaters and countless native bird species, by foot or ATV buggy.

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