The Ancient Land of Egypt

A country of character, colour and fortitude, Egypt is teeming with sights and landscapes that endlessly intrigue. Home to the mighty Nile River, austere pyramids, majestic monuments, vast desert and the Red Sea coast. This country’s timeless treasures will undoubtedly bring out the explorer inside you.

When to go
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Ideal Length
7 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Immerse yourself in Cairo's vibrant chaos and stunning medieval Islamic architecture
  • Experience adrenaline-pumping skydiving over the Pyramids, thrilling desert quad biking, and explore the renowned Khan al Khalili bazaar and Egyptian Museum
  • Journey to Al Fayoum's fertile basin with palm trees and unique desert landscapes
  • Enjoy peaceful Arabian horse rides
  • Take a private sailboat ride on the Nile with breathtaking sunset views behind Theban Hills.

Begin your adventure in the wonderfully chaotic and beautiful Cairo. Ease into and enjoy the constant buzz of the city which is home to some of the greatest architecture of medieval Islam. Discover one of the world’s superb Seven Wonders when you visit the Pyramids of Giza and marvel at this awe-inspiring tribute to the incredible achievements of ancient Egypt. Learn about the significance of Giza then and now before receiving special access to the paws of the Sphinx.


For an adrenaline rush, jump with a professional instructor from an aircraft and free fall over the Pyramids for an exhilarating skydiving experience. Enjoy a different perspective of the fantastic stone structures as you embark on a thrilling desert quad bike ride. Accompanied by an expert guide, wander through Khan al Khalili bazaar which is renowned worldwide for its amazing narrow alleyways, vast array of textiles, jewellery and scattering of stunning mosques. Witness the enormous collection of amazing treasures in the Egyptian Museum before an evening spent observing a spectacular light and sound show reflected onto the pyramids.

Al Fayoum

Travel out of Cairo to Al Fayoum where the monotonous arid plains develop into a large fertile basin with swaying palm trees, luscious farming plots and grazing water buffalo. Explore Wadi El Rayan, a natural World Cultural Heritage Site unique with epic sand dunes, desert landscapes and striking rock formations. Admire the area’s waterfalls, springs and rare wildlife including white gazelles and sand foxes. Unearth the protected site of Wadi El Hitan where the earliest pre-historic whale fossils were found and where fascinating skeleton sites still remain. Embark on a horse ride through the land of the pharaohs, soak up your scenic surroundings and enjoy the different perspective in this peaceful experience on an Arabian horse.


Journey to the extraordinary Luxor whereby Egypt’s greatest concentration of grand monuments can be found. Board a motorboat to the archaeological paradise that is Luxor’s West Bank. Accompanied by a professional guide, visit the 63 burial chambers of the Valley of the Kings that is nestled in surrounding mountains. Witness the famed resting place of Tutankhamun before exploring the Valley of the Queens which is home to Luxor’s most colourful and impressive tomb. Head to the Nile’s East Bank to find the great temple complexes of Luxor and Karnak before a private sail on board a traditional sailboat. In these unforgettable moments, delight in sundowners as you watch the sun set magically behind Theban Hills. PELORUS can arrange an exclusive experience for you to hot air balloon over the “open-air museum” of Luxor. Relish world-class vistas as you glide over gorgeous countryside, historic sites and watch the sunrise illuminating the sky.

Dahabiyas Nile Boat

Appreciate more ancient monuments and the river’s beauty as your adventure continues on board an opulent Dahabiyas Nile Boat. This unique, relaxing mode of transport will carry you from Esna to Aswan in utter comfort and modern luxury. Relish the boat’s impeccable taste, top hospitality, delicious Egyptian cuisine and bright bedrooms that allow for excellent views. This first-class cruise offers wonderful opportunities to dock and explore inland. In Edfu, take a charming horse and carriage through the city streets, spend days swimming from the riverbank, wander into the desert at dusk to find ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and at Gebel Sibsileh, witness the Nile flowing through the mountain ranges at its narrowest.


On arrival into Aswan, notice its calm and pleasant atmosphere with lovely views of white-sailed feluccas travelling lazily from bank to bank. Here lies Abu Simbel - Egypt’s most stunning monument and one of the best preserved. Gain an intriguing understanding of the history of these limestone temples and discover more of Aswan’s abundant antique wonders.


"What a trip, the best! The people who supported us couldn’t have been more epic in every way, our guide now feels like family. The excursions, the boat, the crew, the village visits, all of it was just fascinating, beautiful and so much fun. Thanks for all your hard work, these two souls had the trip of a lifetime!"

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