Sofitel Legend Old Cataract

Awan, Egypt


Resting on a granite cliff overlooking the Nile, Sofitel Legend Old Cataract is an archive of beauty. A 19th-century Egyptian palace outlined by infinity pools that appear to merge with the Nile, and swathes of magnificent palm trees, old-style glamour meets modern luxury.

Key Features

  • Victorian imperial elegance boasting Moorish arches, marble bathrooms, rich Persian carpets and hand-carved furnishings
  • Incredible location, facing Elephantine and a short drive away from ancient pharaonic tombs
  • Outdoor infinity pools and indoor heated pool surrounded by mosaic pillars and lavish palm trees
  • Signature 1902 restaurant, honouring 12 decades of culinary science beneath an Arabian arch
  • Grab a top table on the terrace and sample Egyptian delicacies overlooking the floating feluccas on the Nile
  • Bespoke suites, paying homage to the likes of Agatha Christie and Winston Churchill


Decorated with modern Egyptian flair, every room is a masterpiece. Arched ceilings and mosaic décor is a staple in the hotel; each room is richly adorned with patterns that pay homage to East-African culture. History meets modernity, as this opulent resort looks back to past of golden Pharoahs, Moorish architecture, 19th-century presence and is propelled forward to increasing luxury.

Sofitel Legend Old Cataract is lightly cloaked by lush palm trees, providing shade from the burning sun. Take a dip in the infinity pool to cool off as you gaze at Elephantine Island just opposite.

Culinary Experience

Like the hotel, the grand 1902 restaurant is rooted in history. Red and white sweeping arches and a huge Arabian dome draw inspiration from the Qualaun Crypt in Cairo. Dine on local flavours fused with French techniques, celebrating 12 decades of gastronomy with exquisite French cuisine. 

Why we love it

Constructed by the Brits in 1899, Old Cataract Hotel is one of Egypt’s gems in terms of charm and character. Crossing the threshold of its Victorian façade, the hotel retains its original beauty through marble floors and classic Islamic arches. The rooms and suites differ in design, from ancient heritage in the Palace Wing to contemporary elegance in the newer Nile Wing. 

The history of this palace hotel cannot be ignored when you think of the many famed visitors that have looked out over the same river views. Gaze over the same balcony that inspired Agatha Christie to write the iconic 'Death on the Nile'. Dine and relax in the same rooms as Winston Churchill, Princess Diana and President Jimmy Carter, to name a few.

Enjoy the most glorious sunsets over the River Nile and Elephantine Island while sipping a champagne cocktail or sweet hibiscus tea.

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