A Family Adventure In Egypt

A country full of character and rich history, Egypt is teeming with sights and landscapes that invite discovery. Home to the mighty Nile River, imposing pyramids and seemingly endless desert, as well as bustling marketplaces and souks. Adventure through this wild landscape on a series of enriching and action-packed experiences, perfect for the whole family.

When to go
From Price
Ideal Length
12-14 Days

Experience Highlights

  • Personal Egyptologist who will accompany you throughout the trip and take you on private after-hours tours of Egypt's most famous sights
  • See Egypt from all angles: Soar in a hot air balloon above Luxor and cruise down the Nile in a privately chartered dahabiya
  • Experiences for all the family, including visiting the Magic Lake, sandboarding, and interactive experiences like the Karnak Sound & Light show
  • Private access to tombs in the Pyramids not open to the general public


Your family adventure begins in Cairo, where upon arrival you will be taken to the sumptuous St Regis Hotel. Located on the banks of the Nile, it’s perhaps the most luxurious hotel in the city. Take the afternoon to relax and settle into your room, or head out to explore this fascinating city. Throughout your trip you’ll be accompanied by a private Egyptologist who will take you to some of the most famous sights on private after-hours tours. Your exploration into Egypt’s rich past begins at undoubtedly the most well-known ancient site: Giza.


Visit the newly opened Grand Egyptian Museum – the largest archaeological museum complex in the world. The dedicated children’s museum will give budding Egyptologists an insight into the country’s exciting history, going deeper than what they learn in the classroom. Witness the glittering treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb (this will be the first exhibition of the full collection). Later, your Egyptologist will take you on a private tour of the Pyramids – the ancient world’s only remaining natural wonder. You'll descend into the heart of the Great Pyramid (including access to two chambers that are closed to the public) before standing between the paws of the mysterious Sphinx.

Head back to the city, this time with a visit to the streets of Medieval Cairo where you'll visit the citadel of Saladin to sample local delicacies as part of your tour before heading to the Fayoum Oasis and the idyllic Tunis Village. You’ll notice how much quieter it becomes the further away you travel from the bustle of Cairo.

Al Fayoum

Travel out of Cairo to Al Fayoum where the monotonous arid plains develop into a large fertile basin with swaying palm trees, luscious farming plots and grazing water buffalo. Explore Wadi El Rayan, a natural World Cultural Heritage Site unique with epic sand dunes, desert landscapes and striking rock formations. Admire the area’s waterfalls, springs and rare wildlife including white gazelles and sand foxes. Unearth the protected site of Wadi El Hitan where the earliest pre-historic whale fossils were found and where fascinating skeleton sites still remain. Embark on a horse ride through the land of the pharaohs, soak up your scenic surroundings and enjoy the different perspective in this peaceful experience on an Arabian horse.


While the history of Egyptian civilisation goes back thousands of years, the history of the region extends even further as you'll see with your visit to Wadi El Rayan National Park. Wander round the park, known for several breath-taking features including the largest waterfalls in Egypt as well as rock formations, oases and mountains. Within, you'll visit Wadi al Hitan (Valley of the Whales) which holds the fossilised remains of modern whales’ early ancestor, and your children will get to experience palaeontology as never before.

Scale the dunes in a 4x4 as you make your way to the Magic Lake. Equally bewitching for children and adults alike, the lake’s mesmerising waters change colour depending on the time of day and the sun exposure. Cool off with a swim before a private picnic on the shore for you and your family.


Take to the skies in style as you fly business class to the city of Luxor. This city, known in antiquity as Thebes, was once the capital of Upper Egypt, and its temples were considered the holiest places in the entire kingdom. You'll visit the Luxor temple in the evening where the dramatic floodlighting makes the already imposing structure even more awe-inspiring. Close the evening dining at Sofra, a restaurant oozing 1930’s ‘Old Cairo’ ambiance serving delicious Egyptian fare. Then turn in to the Hilton Luxor, your home for the night.



The west bank of the Nile is home to the Valley of the Kings. Enjoy a family bike ride along the river and marvel at the vast expanse before getting up close with the historic locale. You’ll stop by the Temple of Hatshepsut - a masterpiece of ancient architecture - and the Mummification Museum where you will learn all about the history of how the Egyptians preserved their dead and the children will squeal as they learn all the gory details.

Discover the temples in a whole new light as you witness the impressive Karnak Sound & Light show. Highlighting the dramatic history of ancient Thebes, the show uses pharaohs to narrate the stories of the lives as well as telling the tale of the creation of Karnak temple.


Soaring high above Luxor, take in the area’s wondrous beauty from a hot air balloon. You'll breakfast at the beautiful Al Mourida hotel before bidding goodbye to Luxor for your transfer to Esna where you’ll board your privately chartered dahabiya.

With the Roi Farouk as your home for the next few days, you'll cruise the Nile from Esna to Aswan in utter comfort and modern luxury, mooring at various stops to sightsee as you go. In Basaw, you and your family will get the chance to learn pharaonic fishing techniques passed down through the ages. Moor at Fawaza Island for an enchanting fireside dinner. Swim in the Nile at Herdiab, a soft-sanded beach where the ancient waters sparkle invitingly.

At the end of your dahabiya voyage, you'll disembark at Aswan where you’ll see the majestic Abu Simbel. The figures carved into the temples of Ramses II and his queen Nefatari, are a sight not to miss. You'll go on an Abu Simbel air excursion before your transfer to your hotel: the legendary Old Cataract in Aswan.


Your voyage through Nubia will include a visit to a Nubian village where you will sample a traditional lunch to taste the region's distinct cuisine. After your fill, you will end the day with a VIP yacht cruise which includes a stop at the verdant Kitchener's Island, an island completely transformed into a botanical garden filled with birds and hundreds of species of flora.

The final day of your stay in Egypt will include a camel ride (how could you not?) to the imposing St. Simeon's monastery and a spot of sandboarding down undulating dunes, all capped off with a sunset sail in an iconic felucca.

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