Torfhús Retreat

Golden Circle, Iceland


Escape the hustle and bustle of modern-day life and become mesmerised by the traditional Icelandic turf houses found at Torfhús Retreat. Located in the heart of the Golden Circle, indulge in the splendour of the landscape and the ebullience of exploring the region. This distinctive stay is a haven of tranquillity whatever the season, with staggering views and vast array of landscape.

Key Features

  • 25 houses available from 2 up to 4 guests, with access to basalt stone pools
  • Traditional Icelandic cuisine
  • Situated within Iceland’s Golden Circle
  • Activities include northern lights stargazing, mountain hiking, helicopter sightseeing, snorkelling, diving, horse riding, glacier tours, fishing, kayaking, buggy adventures or dine by an active volcano


Hidden amongst vast volcanic plains, Torfhús Retreat was founded on the idea of reconnecting with nature while simultaneously promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. Situated in an area with an abundance of geothermal heat allows for a completely ecological energy system.

A minimal approach continues throughout the architecture, inspired by an Icelandic Viking farm, bringing rugged building traditions into the present. Torfhús’ suites take you back in time with their reclaimed oak and rustic painted walls, enhanced by fur rugs, hand-crafted furniture and warm lighting to create a truly tranquil space. The well-designed houses are the perfect place to return after an active day in the great southwest Golden Circle. All suites have access to blissful basalt stone pools, full of fresh Icelandic water heated with sustainable geothermal energy, the perfect spot to watch the vibrant dance of the northern lights.


Unwind at the Retreat restaurant where the historic ethos meets modern day comforts with cuisine inspired by Icelandic traditions and local ingredients. Chef, Thorarinn Eggertsson, uses ingredients sourced within a 10mile radius, from local mountain grazed lamb to fresh salmon caught in a nearby river, partnered with carefully selected wines.


Torfhús Retreat is a sustainable haven, running entirely on geothermal and hydroelectric sustainable energy. The building materials and furniture are either hand-crafted in their workshop, locally sourced, or reclaimed, such as the repurposed oak and pine fishing boats used to make sofas.

Elsewhere, living turf roofs hug guesthouse walls for insulation and electric housekeeping cars and battery-powered vintage taxis shuttle guests on short excursions. In the kitchen, food is all sourced locally or grown on site using numerous greenhouse farms to produce vegetables and seasonal produce.

Why we love it

With their luxury attention to detail and craftsmanship, the retreats unique connection to Icelandic heritage makes this stay both memorable and serene. The craftmanship of the turf houses blends seamlessly into the landscape and makes for a picturesque sight against the surrounding greenery.

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