Bawah Reserve

Anambas Archipelago, Indonesia


Made up of six luscious tropical islands 160 nautical miles northeast of Singapore, Bawah Reserve is a pristine island paradise. This previously uninhabited marine conservation area is the perfect place for those seeking wild adventure and barefoot relaxation with a touch of truly sustainable indulgence.

Key Features

  • Accommodation made up of overwater bungalows, two-bedroom pool villas two-bedroom infinity pool villas, beach suites, garden suites, and a jungle lodge
  • Made up of six private islands
  • Four unique restaurants and bars
  • Freshwater 22-meter infinity pool
  • Croquet and tennis lawn
  • Starlight cinema
  • Ecological and organic gardens and farming practice
  • Beachfront activities centre
  • Aura Spa
  • Yoga pavilion
  • Indoor gym


In Indonesia’s remote and beautiful Anambas Archipelago, surrounded by clear turquoise waters teeming with tropical fish lies Bawah Reserve. An exclusive island reserve, Bawah reserve was saved from destruction by illegal dynamite fishing by owners who sought to protect and preserve this ecological utopia. Now a designated conservation area, the design and build of this resort was done with supporting the island’s mature island flora. Now the reserve combines a reverence of nature with luxurious yet sustainable indulgence. Melding contemporary convenience with indigenous, traditional craftsmanship, the structures are built on footings that require minimal interference. Stay in any one of the different accommodation options, from a two-bedroom villa for you and your family or friends to stay in, to a secluded and romantic overwater bungalow. No matter where you chose to stay enjoy being surrounded by the island’s abundant nature and the crystal-clear waters of the lagoons and ocean.


Spend your days hiking one of the three trails through the lush forests of Bawah Reserve and encounter the spectacular 50-metre-high, 500-year-old Keruing tree, the beating heart of this ecosystem. Or learn about how food is sustainably grown on the island and take a walk through the gardens and farmlands. Take to the beach or lawns and get your heart pumping with a game of tennis, volleyball or learn the local game of Speak Takraw. Take to the seas and snorkel around some of the stunning coral reefs that teem with an abundance of tropical fish. Silently glide across the water in a clear kayak and see the ocean swirling below you. Or dive below the surface and join the Anambas Foundation team as they help to transplant preserve the precious coral reefs as well as aiding in the removal of ghost fishing nets and equipment left on the reef.


Otherwise spend your days simply enjoying the simplicity of gently swaying in a hammock, walking barefoot on the powdery sand, and enjoying castaway picnics in remote spots on the islands. Relax your muscles with a trip to the spa where expert masseurs will alleviate any muscular aches and send you into a state of complete euphoria. After a delicious supper in one of the Reserve’s restaurants head back to your room and fall asleep accompanied by the sounds of rustling forests and crashing waves.


The main island resort follows a minimal impact approach, using locally sourced materials like bamboo for construction and recycled copper for fixtures. Specialist divers built the jetty to protect the reef, while rainwater is collected, and wastewater treated. Solid waste is recycled, and reforestation efforts are ongoing. Conservation includes protecting nesting turtles and educating guests. Future plans involve solar panels for electricity. The Bawah Anambas Foundation, founded in 2018, works alongside the Reserve to conserve biodiversity.

Why we love it

Bawah’s story and its passionate protection of the local environment and communities make it unique as an island retreat. Built with sustainability and luxury in mind, Bawah is the perfect place to balance simplicity and indulgence. If you are looking for complete privacy to celebrate a special occasion, take over the whole island and indulge in complete seclusion.

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