Wild Islands of Komodo National Park

At the centre of the Indonesian archipelago, unearth the rich marine and terrestrial biodiversity of the Komodo National Park as you explore its lesser known islands using a private luxury sailboat.

When to go
From Price
£21,000 PP*
Ideal length
10 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Fly to Moyo Island by floatplane for snorkeling and jungle exploration, including staying in a luxury jungle tent and discovering hidden waterfalls
  • Sail to Sotonda Island on a luxury yacht to swim in a crater lake, witness fruit bats at sunset, dive in volcanic waters, and visit a traditional boat-building village
  • Explore Gili Lawa's reefs, dive with manta rays, watch sunset from an uninhabited island, and trek to see Komodo dragons on Rinca Island guided by an expert ranger.

Moyo Island

Head to Moyo Island via floatplane and explore the beautiful house reefs where you can snorkel with sea turtles, puffer fish, lion fish and spotted rays. Spend the night under the stars in a luxury jungle tent. Rising to the sounds of nature, take a private jeep into the jungle to find stunning hidden waterfalls, where you can swim in limestone pools.

Sotonda Island

Board a private luxury yacht and sail to Sotonda Island, where you will swim and kayak on a mirror still crater lake. Enjoy cocktails on deck and look out for a flock of thousands of fruit bats as they swoop and dive at sunset. Dive and snorkel among the bubbling black sand slopes of a volcano ridge, and then head ashore to see how local villagers build their traditional phinisi boats with techniques unchanged for generations. 

Gili Lawa

Snorkel around incredible reefs at Gili Lawa where black - tip reef sharks, schools of tuna and green turtles roam, and dive lush coral gardens and drop-offs. Then explore an uninhabited savannah island with incredible views –an amazing spot to watch sunset with a glass of champagne. Go diving with manta rays that pass inches away. Explore vibrant coral gardens and a vast array of fish such as parrotfish, wrasse and barracuda. Cruise through hidden coves and tropical mangroves. Cruise to Rinca Island, where you will trek to find the legendary Komodo dragons. Guided by an expert ranger you will also spot exotic birdlife, monkeys and flying lizards. 

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