A private island paradise in Raja Ampat, Misool redefines sustainable travel with world-leading conservation in the surrounding waters and on land. Rise to the soft sound of the ocean, spend days diving below the surface and dine of divine cuisine by night, Misool is a true haven of natural tranquillity.  

Key Features

  • Eight water cottages and eleven villas
  • Beach front restaurant
  • Dive centre
  • Paddle boards for exploring the lagoon
  • Indonesian cooking classes

Secluded amongst an archipelago of uninhabited islands, Misool is a secret haven oozing a unique beauty and boasting a thriving ecosystem. Each of the luxury cottages and villas has been carefully crafted from reclaimed tropical hardwoods, ensuring a sustainable build whilst maintaining comfort and privacy. Embracing the local culture, each room features Balinese-style bathrooms as well as handcrafted furnishing. The eight water cottages are built upon stilts looking out across the North Lagoon providing direct access to the tranquil, turquoise waters. Whilst the villas are nestled peacefully amongst wild jungle overlooking the soft sand beaches. Whichever room you go for, each promises peace, quiet and spectacular views. Dine on the beach overlooking the shallow waters of the lagoon with fresh and organic Indonesian flavours that compliments the location.

With 300,000 acres of private reserve, the waters are thriving with tropical fish, colourful corals and spectacular pelagic life, the diving and snorkelling opportunities here are endless. Water experiences are essential to a stay at Misool, whether marvelling at the clarity of the house reef from the shore or delving to the depths of the ocean floor, the waters here will leave you in awe.


The Misool Foundation, a registered charity dedicated to conservation, integrates environmental, social, and educational aspects into its mission. As a pioneering hotel in marine conservation, it has transitioned to renewable energy through photovoltaic systems and solar panels while providing job opportunities for locals. Their recycling scheme incentivizes ocean-bound plastic collection, and they support the community by employing school teachers and transitioning former fishermen to alternative, higher-paying occupations. Sanctuaries for endangered species like manta rays and sharks have been established, and the hotel prioritizes high-quality, locally sourced organic produce over imported goods, ensuring no use of palm oil. Additionally, Misool Foundation's Rangers safeguard local nesting beaches for endangered turtle species.

Why we love it

With conservation at its heart, Misool offers an intimate stay surrounded by an ocean wilderness and untouched islands, combined with the enchanting culture and cuisine of Indonesia.

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