A Kenyan Adventure for all the Family

One of Africa’s most revered destinations for safari and home to a number of densely populated national parks, Kenya brims with adventure and beauty. Create memories with the whole family that will last a lifetime as you discover the rugged charm of Kenya’s rare wildlife and spectacular landscapes.

When to go
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£23,400 PP*
Ideal Length
7 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Track the rare black rhino and the Big Five in the Sera Conservancy
  • Visit the Reteti Elephant Orphanage and learn about their work
  • Helicopter safari over the Sugata Valley
  • Meet remote tribes and learn about their way of life

Upon arrival in Nairobi, travel to Northern Kenya’s Sera Conservancy, marvelling as the landscape changes throughout your journey from vast sandy expanses to rocky outcroppings and craggy volcanic cinder fields. Home to Africa’s Big Five, scan the striking plains for these mesmerising, wild creatures as you embark upon game drives, privatised for your family. Alongside expert guides, your family will become rangers for the day as you learn how to track the critically endangered black rhino from the signs and signals of nature. There is no better way to emphasise to your children the importance of conserving these majestic and endangered creatures. Visit the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary and learn about the extraordinary projects they are undertaking in the Sera Conservancy. Gain a deeper understanding of how this orphanage operates, before watching the elephants feed and play from a viewing platform. Back at your lodge, relax with your family and swim in the pool whilst keeping an eye out for animals passing by.

Helicopter Safari

Awake to the sunrise over the immense conservancy and take to the skies for a world-class helicopter safari. Soar over the arid and diverse Suguta Valley, marvelling at the dramatic formations, sweeping sand dunes, volcanic rocks, and vast desert. Journey to the largely inaccessible Ndoto and Mathews Range to witness captivating views from this remote and largely unknown location.

From your position up in the hills, you will encounter the Samburu people, semi-nomadic communities who maintain many centuries-old traditions that they will share with you. Through intimate interactions with this tribe, you will acquire a deeper understanding of their fascinating history through their songs, dances, and stories that your children are sure to enjoy.

Engage with Local Communities

There is no better way to culturally educate your children than to immerse them in new communities that lead a different way of life. Pelorus has built unique relationships in Kenya, enabling your family to engage with local communities. Journey to Lake Turkana where you will meet members of the second-largest pastoralist community, the Turkana Tribe. Following this humbling interaction with these extraordinary people, you will fly to the Chalbi Desert to meet members of the Rendille. These semi-nomadic camel herders have lived in the deserts for generations and their way of life revolves around the natural cycle of the seasons.

Maasai Mara

End your family adventure in the spectacular Maasai Mara where you will spend your days on safari through the vast and varied savannah plains. Spotting an array of astonishing animals in the wild is an enthralling and captivating experience to share with the family. Embark on an intriguing night drive, listen to the nocturnal orchestra and grab the opportunity to enjoy a bush dinner under the stars. You will meet the local Maasai communities who will offer an insight into their culture and life on a conservancy. Your family will leave Kenya with astounding memories, unique knowledge and a refreshed perspective.

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