Track Animals with San Bushmen in Namibia

Namibia is one of the least crowded destinations on Earth, home to the highest sand dunes and the world’s most ancient desert; experience its sheer natural beauty and learn about the prolific wildlife from local tribesmen.

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£16,500 PP*
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10 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Quad bike expedition across the Namib Desert
  • Explore the Skeleton Coast by air and on land
  • Cultural immersion with the San Bushmen
  • Black rhino safari in Etosha National Park

The world’s oldest desert, the Namib is a stark world of ocean sand dunes, endless horizons and rugged mountain peaks. Explore the red sand dunes of Sossusvlei on quad bikes, as you traverse the vast landscape following a guide who will lead you to the hidden gems of the nearby area. 

Experience the unique culture of the Himba people, a semi-nomadic tribe, who have made the barren landscape of Kaokoland their home. You will learn about their culture and how they carve out a way of life in the desert in a humbling and fascinating exchange.

Take to the skies, soaring over the Skeleton Coast in a mesmerising flight that will take you over lost shipwrecks, lunar-like landscapes and golden sand dunes. Returning to land, get up close and personal with the shipwrecks as you explore the Skeleton Coast at ground level. Transferring to the Kunene River, head out on an intimate boat ride to spot crocodiles and a variety of birdlife, before stopping at a scenic point for a gourmet lunch in the wild that will be set up for your arrival.  


Wildlife encounters against this stark backdrop are unique and rewarding as animals move freely without borders. Track desert elephants across this immense landscape alongside expert guides who will use their skilful and extensive knowledge to find these enchanting creatures. While elephants are the undoubted highlight, the region offers further timeless landscapes; and a diverse range of animals including zebra, rhinos, antelope and giraffe.

San Bushmen

Learn how to read the wonders and ways of the bush with the San Bushmen in the Tsumkwe area. A mobile camp will be built for your exclusive visit and on arrival you’ll be welcomed by the tribe leaders. Your camp is fairly basic, but here the experience takes priority. A chef will be on hand to cook dinner and a translator will be with you at all times. You’ll join the San Bushmen on a walk; they will show you how to forage for edible plants, where to find underground water, and how to track animals through the bush. 

Cape Cross and Etosha National Park

Take a private boat to see the Cape seal colonies in Cape Cross – there are around 10,000 seals here when at its busiest. Hop off the boat and wade through shallow, crystal-clear waters to a luxury lunch of lobster and local cuisine on the sand.

End your adventure in the the Etosha National Park, an enchanting setting for safaris, being home to several rare and endangered black rhino species and the enigmatic cheetah. Exploring the park on foot is a mesmerising experience as you wander along the paths of animals for intimate interactions. Experience the wonders of nocturnal life with a night game drive, uncovering the secrets of a world that is just as lively once the sun has set. 

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