East Coast Ice Camp

Svalbard, Norway


Explore this incredible new private camp in east Svalbard which will see you skiing down pristine peaks, encountering rare arctic wildlife and exploring completely untouched terrain.

Key Features

  • From March to May, the camp will see you fully immersed in this unique world, with paragliding, backcountry skiing and glacier hikes all on your doorstep
  • Exclusively designed for up to six guests, experts have collaborated to create something functional, comfortable and luxurious (and most importantly warm)

One of the most exciting openings for 2023, East Coast Ice Camp is located in the heart of the Arctic, accessible only by snowmobile. What may seem like a desolate expanse with white landscape as far as the eye can see, there are actually many species that call this environment home (think polar bears, arctic fox, seals, reindeer and walrus).

East Coast Ice Camp is exclusively designed for groups of up to six guests and has a small footprint: the tents can be used in a range of locations and are all transported to their locale via snowmobile (but rest assured, they have been designed with structural integrity and can withstand any type of weather).


With East Coast Ice Camp as your base, there are so many incredible experiences and activities to enjoy. Chase the Northern Lights on snowmobiles into the depths of this magical landscape; don snowshoes to drift through trails otherwise inaccessible on foot, with local experts as your guides to the otherwise untouched region; spend an afternoon backcountry skiing from untouched ski runs; go glacier walking on these fantastic ice formations (Svalbard’s glaciers are unique as they recede for years before suddenly moving, creating beautiful ice formations); visit historical sites including Pyramiden, an abandoned Russian town, and museums dedicated to the North Pole and Svalbard.

Why we love it

This isn’t any old camp. Arctic and Antarctic experts have worked to create something unlike any other, giving guests something functional whilst providing relative luxury, proving that just because you’re in the middle of nowhere, you don’t have to compromise on comfort. With separate sleeping quarters and bathrooms, as well as a fully catered kitchen, wood-fired hot tub and full heating and electricity, you’ll stay cosy in this snowy setting.

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