Adrere Amellal

Siwa Oasis, Egypt


Adrère Amellal is a stunning desert haven appeared to be carved out of the ground. Hidden at the foot of the mystical White Mountain and overlooking the tranquil waters of Lake Siwa, the location is other-worldly. A unique desert experience, it boasts exciting excursions across the Sahara and impressive sustainable credentials. One for the eco-lodge bucket list.

Key Features

  • Rooms and suites
  • Swimming pool
  • Dine alfresco, in your suite, or in one of the communal dining areas
  • Organic gardens
  • Daily excursions and experiences showcasing the best of the Sahara

A stone property built to blend into its desert setting, the Adrère Amellal is spectacular. Minimalist design lets the sheer beauty of its location and the raw quality of the natural materials take centre stage. The main fortress is a labyrinth of beautiful rooms and spontaneous architecture. The rooms are cosy, lit by sun in the day and beeswax candles at night, with soft white sheets and woven carpets, they feature beautiful hand carved furniture, such as rock salt bedside tables. A true highlight is the theatre and quality of the food. With a varied choice of dining areas, hidden through a maze of tunnels and all lit exclusively with candles creating a delicate glow, choose to eat in your own hidden cave or alfresco. With daily handpicked vegetables and creative dishes fully organic and homemade, the bounty of authentic flavours shows off the traditional food of Egypt with European twists. Around sunset an array of liquors is served along with mouth-watering appetisers again boasting exquisite culinary skill. These small details are what make this stay truly unique.


Adrere Admellal was constructed using all local materials. They are committed to using authentic ingredients – all fruits and vegetables come from its own gardens, with no pesticides, while meat and poultry is all from local farmers. Take part in authentic experiences from here which aim to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Egypt for the future generations.

Why we love it

The ethereal atmosphere of Adrère Amellal greets you as soon as you arrive, there is a magical aura surrounding this sanctuary in the desert. The timeless quality of the lodge is inspired by the simplicity and hospitality of the desert Berbers providing a truly unique experience at this hidden Jem of Siwa.

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