Al Moudira

Zeitoun, Egypt


Every arch, every pillar, captivates your attention as you’re immersed into the Eastern spirit of Egypt in this boutique hotel. Adorned with hand-painted illustrations by Lebanese artists, each luxurious room is individually decorated with North African furniture. Enter the dream world of the mystical 15th century folktales, Arabian Nights.

Key Features

  • Art gallery with temporary exhibitions from around the world
  • Authentic Egyptian boutique, shop for unique pieces to take home with you
  • 8-hectare garden of fruit trees and tropical plants
  • White marble Turkish Baths, tempting solarium and swimming pool pavilion
  • Embellished Egyptian Grand restaurant
  • Eastern bar with authentic mint tea drinks and Egyptian dancers

Canopy beds, Persian rugs, iron couches, chandeliers and high ceilings: experience Egyptian opulence at its finest. Each of the antiquated furnishings has a history and a unique story to tell.

Feast your eyes on Ottoman-esque domes and arches in the Great Room dining area. Combine both Mediterranean and Eastern flavours for a unique culinary experience. For an intimate dinner, the Main Court holds romantic moucharabieh and fountains.

Soak yourself in Turkish baths, or the swimming pool after a long day absorbing the sun and Egyptian culture. Hide in the garden amongst the exotic guava trees, smelling the sweet fragrances of jasmine and henna.

Why we love it

The only palace on the west bank of the Nile, Al Moudira is just over 2 miles away from the Valley of Kings. An exceptional property with stunning domes and ornate courtyards with arabesques. A large 8-hectare garden creates a remarkable setting that conjures up the atmosphere of the Arabian Nights. Each suite is unique in decoration, with hand-painted murals that represent an art theme focussed on Egyptian history and mythology. The personal touch of the chef who prepares a different menu each evening. Dishes are a product of the chef’s inspiration, mixing Mediterranean, Eastern and European flavours.

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