Holy Deer Lodge

Rome, Italy


Step foot inside an architectural masterpiece to discover a luxurious private apartment in the centre of Rome. Situated within the church of Sant’Agnese, expect a unique fusion of Italian Baroque history with 21st century modernity. The extraordinary Holy Deer City Lodge will transport you to your home-away-from-home in utmost style.

Key Features

  • Two double en-suite bedrooms
  • Music room with grand piano
  • Dressing room
  • Library
  • Lounge with television
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen with professional chef on request
  • WiFi
  • Hot tub
  • On-site massages available


Discover a property steeped in history with traditional décor that moulds in with the striking Roman surroundings. Graced with stunning interior frescoes, Holy Deer accentuates these through neutral, grey colour tones throughout the apartment. Notice an opulent air as you wander the grand spaces, where ceilings are high and windows vast. Meticulously designed to gather people together, each room is joined by marble-framed passageways where open doors create an inviting ambience. Appreciate a sense of space and comfort in this intimate setting where carefully selected lighting and soft furnishings aid the relaxing environment.

Overlooking the bustling Via dell’Anima, the cosier en-suite bedroom is detailed with sophisticated wallpaper, floral artwork and an antique marble fireplace which brings a welcome warmth to the room. The Pope’s Room is larger, exuding extravagance and intricate detail. Built from reclaimed wood with an elaborate headboard, the bed is raised on a platform, bringing you closer to observe the magnificent fresco. Beyond the massive windows lies a private balcony and beautiful spectacle of the famed Piazza Navona. Delight in a hot tub unlike any other to soak up the surrounding grandeur.


Holy Deer Lodge utilizes reclaimed wood for constructing interior features, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable practices and repurposing materials. Furthermore, the lodge proudly adheres to a policy of producing and sourcing everything from within Italy, promoting local craftsmanship and supporting the country's economy.

Why we love it

Holy Deer San Lorenzo City Lodge truly captures the romance of Rome. Stay in this bewitching apartment for a timeless Italian experience, learn of its intriguing stories and gaze dreamily towards the Fountain of the Four Rivers; one of Rome’s most symbolic features.

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