Juvet Landscape Hotel

Valldal, Norway


Juvet Landscape Hotel is a synthesis of nature and culture. Situated on a steep, natural levee amongst birch, aspen and pine, this is a shining example of modern architecture hand in hand with local craftsmanship.

Key Features

  • Juvet Landscape Hotel has featured in BBC’s Amazing Spaces, and has been the set for a number of productions, including the film Ex Machina and season 4 of the HBO series, Succession
  • Spa with sauna and hot tub overlooking a river
  • Communal dining concept with locally sourced dishes
  • 10 rooms in total, with three room categories, all with generous windows overlooking the landscape

Located on the northwest coast of Norway, Juvet Landscape Hotel is nestled in one of Norway’s most picturesque forests. And the journey there is equally magical, as the property sits in the middle of the famous Norwegian scenic route between the UNESCO world heritage fjord Geiranger and the dramatic road and viewing point Trollstigen.

Constructed entirely from timber and raised on bolted steel stilts, the word ‘spectacular’ barely begins to describe Juvet. Whilst the outside is impressive, it’s from the inside that the property shines: the cabins are positioned on the steepest slant of the hotel’s 1,000 acres, with walls made of full-length glass allowing guests to take in sprawling forest panoramas.


The rooms are modern and each has been designed to place the rugged wild landscape at the heart. In classic Norwegian style, the interior design is all about clean lines and smooth interiors with simple furnishings to make the rawness of nature stand out.

Across three room categories, there are seven Landscape Rooms raised on stilts with glass walls that offer striking views, two Bird Houses in the style of a traditional Norwegian log house, and a single Writer’s Lodge designed for up to four guests.

Juvet’s spa – The Bath House – is a tranquil retreat with a 15-metre-long glass sheet that frames a cinematic view of the river. Designed to feel like being in a cave, there’s dark concrete with small rooms painted in beautiful colours. Relax after a day exploring the wilderness in the steam sauna, outdoor hot tub or silent room.

There is also the Barn – a 100-year-old converted farm building – where you can find the dining room, sitting room (importantly, with an open fire), kitchen, and an outdoor lounge area. Sit around one large table with fellow guests and enjoy dinner made from locally sourced ingredients.


During construction they were careful to tread lightly on the land, making use of materials such as wood, glass, and steel. Food is locally sourced and seasonal.

Why we love it

This is Europe’s first landscape hotel and it’s so unique, blending seamlessly with the natural environment. A true adventurer’s paradise, there’s so much nature to enjoy here. Head onto the water for river rafting, fjord kayaking or canyoning, or try ski touring or snowshoeing in the colder months. To get fully immersed in your locale, there are breathtaking peaks, ancient mountain farms and spectacular viewpoints that are perfect for hiking, as well as several great sites for climbing and rappelling.

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