A Taste For Adventure

Culinary journeys through Norway’s majestic fjords.

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The Concept

The fire crackles.

Fish sizzles in the pan.

Finely chopped garlic sends a familiar fragrance into the otherwise crisp Norwegian air.

Your guide by day, chef by dusk, recalls stories of working in some of the world’s most iconic kitchens.


Conversation turns to the experience of the day as you share your bounty with friends and family brought along for the ride.


A seasonal feast awaits.

Ingredients sourced locally by your hands.

Dishes prepared expertly under the supervision of Michelin-starred eyes.


Days of natural discovery turn into nights of culinary mastery.

This is dining the landscape demands.

Deep within Norway’s wilderness, Pelorus and 62ºNORD combine to craft client programs that blend nature and luxury, while SKANDL’s team of visionary host chefs share their skills and passions throughout an experience that celebrates the region’s exceptional produce.

The Chefs


Growing up on a sheep farm on a small island off the northwest coast of Sweden, Henrik moved to Gothenburg at 16 and he trained at the Ester Mosessons Gymnasium culinary school. After working in the city following graduation, he moved to London, working as Executive Chef at Aquavit, a contemporary Nordic restaurant. Henrik was responsible for creating the menu that gained the restaurant its first Michelin star within a year of opening. As well as being part of SKANDL’s team of senior chefs, he serves as Executive Chef at The Double Red Duke in the Cotswolds.


One of London’s most exciting chefs, Harry was Head Chef at Aquavit since its opening in 2016. With an impressive career spanning several prestigious restaurants and culinary competitions, he’s known for his meticulous attention to detail, creativity, and passion for blending flavours and textures. Harry leads SKANDL’s team of senior chefs who boast over 13 Michelin stars and experience across cuisines including modern British, French, Japanese, Italian and Nordic.

The Location

The rugged west coast of Norway is a mesmerising region, defined by its dramatic landscapes and untamed beauty. Jagged mountain tops, cascading waterfalls and deep fjords create a breathtaking backdrop that captures the imagination. And it’s here, in this place where nature dominates and life is dictated by the season, where we have chosen to launch A Taste For Adventure.

Accommodation comes in the form of family-owned, boutique hotels that offer the most authentic experience while exuding understated luxury. Choose to stay among the trees in Storfjord Hotel– a magical place among the fjords and forests, allowing you time to slow down. Or, pair with a property that has been graced by adventurers, royals and writers alike: the iconic Hotel Union Øye.

What to Expect

A Taste For Adventure offers Pelorus clients the opportunity to experience highly personalised programmes designed to suit any culinary palate and varying appetites, whether you’re seeking adrenaline or comfort.

The five-day programme provides just a flavour of what to expect and may differ depending on your group size, the season, and personal or dietary preferences.

Day 1: Welcome

Your arrival at Norway’s gateway to the fjords provides the first glimpse of the land from which your culinary adventure will take place.  

After freshening up at your 62ºNORD property, you will be invited to meet your chef, Henrik, who will discuss the upcoming experiences and confirm dietaries over an open fire and a warm hot chocolate topped with local cream and spices. An ideal place to digest your surroundings and ask any final questions about the area or trip before your first dining experience.

Tonight’s meal will set the tone as you enjoy a carefully prepared menu consisting of specialist items including reindeer, foraged herbs, Freygaard beef and Fanaost (the winner of World’s Best Cheese).

Day 2: Adventure

This morning you’ll be collected by Henrik and an expert local fisherman who will join you as you set sail in a bay that is brimming with life. Here you will search for lobsters and try your hand at fishing as you look to source the freshest ingredients ready for preparation.

Following a private offsite lunch, your helicopter will touch down to collect you and your catch before taking to the skies in a thrilling aerial excursion to see the stunning surroundings from a new perspective.

In the afternoon, you’ll be treated to a gravlax masterclass with Harry Faddy where you will cure your own salmon before an evening spent relaxing around a woodland firepit for a buffet of specially selected wine, fresh shellfish (including your catch of the day) and pairings influenced by Aquavit’s Nordic roots

Day 3: Voyage & BBQ

Today you will delve a little deeper into the fjords by zodiac as you make your way to Geirangerfjord; a UNESCO Heritage site known for cascading waterfalls, centuries-old farms, and ancient sites that play a part in the myths and tales told by the locals.

Once the engines turn off, you will be struck by the sheer size and tranquillity of the area. Good coffee, mulled wine, and freshly baked cinnamon buns will be served before you are offered the chance to slip into the water and explore further by kayak.

Following a short transfer back to your accommodation, close the day with a luxury barbeque hosted by Henrik and Harry featuring a live Arctic King Crab accompanied by canapés with Carelian Nordic Caviar.

Day 4: The Grand Dinner

Rising early on your final full day, you will explore the stunning Norangdal valley by foot or e-bike. Supported by Henrik and local foraging experts, this oasis of nature will allow you to collect a variety of mushrooms and wild herbs whilst learning about the local cooking methods handed down from generation to generation.

As midday approaches, head into the mountains for a private picnic lunch to visit some of Norway’s most picturesque and impressive viewpoints before being picked up by private helicopter ready for an evening feast to remember.

The most impressive of all the culinary experience so far, tonight chefs Henrik and Harry will prepare a six-course fine dining banquet that incorporates all the ingredients and Nordic techniques from the past few days.

Day 5: Relax & Recharge

On the last morning, relax with a fireside breakfast and signature 62ºNORD spa treatment before exploring the property’s woodlands at leisure or soaking in a traditional wood fired ‘stamp’ hot tub.

Before leaving for your return home, the cured gravlax from your second day is packaged and presented by Henrik & Harry. A delicious memento to accompany your newfound culinary skills.

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