Fascinating Incan History & Mesmerising Beauty in Peru

A spectacular country of vast history and varying terrain, a journey through this ancient kingdom is an intriguing and enlightening experience. A landscape of cosmopolitan cities, calming coast, arid desert, striking Andean peaks, lush jungle, and immense lakes, each location is unique in its beauty and contains astonishing remnants from the Incan Empire.

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Experience Highlights

  • See UNESCO-listed sites including Machu Picchu and Cusco
  • See the Nazca Lines from the air; descend into the Amazon
  • Get a surf lesson from a surfing world champion at Lima’s Punta Hermosa Beach
  • Explore the Sacred Valley on quad bike, raft, and by foot
  • Join expert marine biologists in their conservation efforts to track the movements of hammerhead sharks


Begin your journey in Peru’s vibrant capital city, Lima, a bustling hub with each district containing unique soul, sound and colour. Discover stately museums, contemporary art galleries and fascinating pre-Colombian temples. This coastal city provides some epic surfing opportunities with Punta Hermosa Beach boasting superb and varied waves, including one of the biggest breaks in South America, known as Pico Alto. Spend a day surfing these famous waves with world champion Sofia Mulanovich, the first surfing world champion in South America, who has spent more than eight consecutive years ranked as one of the top five surfers in the world.

Paracas Desert

Continue down the coast to reach Paracas desert, the driest in the world, boasting a fascinating history, culture and sensational landscapes. Spend an afternoon riding ATV buggies across the desert dunes, stopping for sundowners as the sun slips behind the horizon. Cruise out onto the ocean to explore the scenic bays of the Peruvian coast as you sail to Islas Ballestas, a nature reserve and excellent place to observe the largest concentration of penguins, Peruvian boobies and sea lions on the coast.

Witness the amazing creativity of the ancient Peruvians and discover one of the greatest mysteries of mankind; geoglyphs and oversized lines engraved on the desert sands by the ancient Nasca people. Let Pelorus take you on an exclusive flight over the Nasca lines to witness these bizarre and fascinating sketches of more than twenty figures including a monkey, spider and hummingbird.


Fly to Cusco, the heart of the former Inca Empire sat at an altitude of 3,399m and the gateway to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Explore the charming town, a beguiling blend of cobblestoned streets, colonial architecture and colourful textile-clad locals. An excellent Pelorus guide will take you on an eye-opening tour of Cusco’s Incan ruins as you learn about the remarkable construction methods of the Inca Empire

The Sacred Valley

Journey through the foothills of the Andes, via a narrow, winding road to reach the Sacred Valley. The Sacred Valley is both an important archaeological hotspot and an adventurer’s paradise. Explore the Inca ruins, dotted throughout the valley and the local Peruvian villages and markets.

Set out on a private white-water rafting adventure through the Sacred Valley, following the winding river as you battle thrilling rapids and take in the sensational surroundings that are reserved for only you. Quad bike through the rolling hills, stopping for a picnic lunch by the lakeshore, surrounded by the towering peaks of the Andes. Set out on an incredibly scenic hike, secluded in the valley, surrounded only by the peaceful sounds of nature and accompanied by roaming llamas.

Nestled in the slopes of the Andes, surrounded by mist and lush vegetation, the ancient city of Machu Picchu is a site that does not disappoint. Spend the afternoon alongside your expert guide exploring the magnificent site and discovering the fascinating secrets of the Incan Empire. Stay the night in the town, rising early the following morning to hike to the Sun Gate, along the renowned Inca Trail, where you will gain a unique perspective of Machu Picchu.

Fly deep into the Peruvian Amazon before journeying by boat down the Madres de Dios River as the world around you transforms into luscious jungle. Stay in an exclusive eco-lodge, completely hidden and secluded from civilisation. Feeling at peace with nature with no modern-day distractions of phone signal or wifi, this is a truly tranquil and reviving experience. Discover the incredible realm of the Amazon rainforest, hiking through the jungle ecosystem, walking past exotic rainforest trees and fauna, whilst keeping your eyes peeled for intriguing wildlife including 540 bird species, monkeys, sloths, capybara and snakes. Travel down the river by twilight searching for caiman hiding on the banks of the river. Fall asleep to the sounds of the forest nightlife as you take a relaxing break from your journey.

Lake Titicaca

Your final Peruvian adventure will take you to the shores of Lake Titicaca, lying 3,810 metres above sea level, this is the world’s highest navigable body of water. Believed by many to be the birthplace of the Incas, Lake Titicaca will complete your journey and education of Incan history.

Explore the floating islands of the Uros Titino communities, and discover the Totora plant, which serves as the unique building material for their homes, fishing vessels and the very islands on which they live. You will have the unique opportunity to become personally acquainted with the skilled reed raft men and the women who are expert weavers. Head out onto the lake by kayak, paddleboard and sailboat to explore this wonderful body of water, as you paddle at more than 3,000 metres above sea level. Explore the lake at your own pace as you take in the serenity of its views and the peaceful silence.

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