Torel 1884

Porto, Portugal 


Feast your eyes on the architectural splendours of Torel 1884. Once an elegant 19th-century palace, this beautiful hotel has retained its stylish features and grandeur. Nestled in the heart of Porto, this is a magical place where a tranquil ambience filters throughout its sophisticated interiors.

Key Features

  • 12 deluxe rooms and suites
  • Bartolomeu Bistro & Wine serving sharing plates and local wine
  • Exceptional hospitality and 24 hour room service
  • Historic building and former palace dating back to 1884

Hidden within the ancient streets of Porto lies Torel 1884. Located along the Douro River estuary in Northern Portugal, Porto is one of the oldest European cities with a UNESCO recognised historic centre which dates back centuries. An age-old outpost for the Roman Empire, its Celtic Latin origins can be traced back to the naming of Portugal and Port wine, one of the country’s most famous exports.

Torel 1884 transforms the idea of luxury accommodation within a historic building into a reality. Boasting an array of 12 deluxe rooms and suites, this former palace is filled with the spirit of Portugal and its explorers. Each room exhibits a different exotic theme, from spices and silk, to coffee, tea, porcelain and tapestry. Perfectly capturing the mighty era of exploration, the hotel is teeming with lavish materials, natural colours, and exotic plants.

Whether you choose to experience fine dining in Bartolomeu Bistro & Wine, an intimate yet relaxed space, or sample the wine direct from the cellar, you will be transported on an exceptional journey reminiscent of the African jungle. Taste some of country’s finest delicacies as you delight in tapas-style sharing plates for lunch and dinner.

Venturing into the streets of Porto, Torel 1884 is the perfect base from which to immerse yourself in the surrounding Douro Valley and beyond. Whether you choose to relax at the hotel, wander the town, or embark on hiking adventures, Pelorus will whisk you away for an unforgettable journey.


Capturing the very essence of Portuguese legacy, this hotel is of historical importance and encourages its guests to engage with community heritage. It also adopts an eco-friendly dining approach through sourcing local ingredients and serving regional wine.

Why we love it

Embark on your own exotic, historical journey by stepping through the doors of Torel 1884. Wander the cobbled streets of Porto, wine tasting and absorbing the sites, before finishing the day surrounded by luxury comforts. Partnered with fine wine and delicious cuisine, at Torel 1884 you can't go wrong.

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