Discover Untamed Alaska


The northwestern-most point of the USA, Alaska is an immense and untamed wilderness of rivers, vast forests, rugged mountain ranges, and miles of untamed coastlines. Discover this rich wilderness and the abundance of animals that it houses on a varied, experiential adventure.

When to go
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£15,400 PP*
Ideal Length
10 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Head to Ultima Thule, a land described as 'remote beyond reckoning'.
  • Embark on a kayaking expedition along remote and pristine waterways.
  • Visit a remote studio spa overlooking a glacier, hike on high alpine plateaus, and forage for wild berries.
  • Indulge in a delicious and restorative evening meal in the heart of Alaska's true wilderness.


Discover the southwest and the Alaska Peninsula, a remote location brimming with undomesticated wildlife and a myriad of complex river systems. Utilise a fleet of aircrafts and boats to incorporate a wide variety of activities. Fly south for a close view of the large walrus colony and visit the black and white peaks of the mighty Aniakchak volcano.

Journey in a bush plane or on land with a bespoke itinerary to suit your every desire. Experiences include flying to a remote studio spa overlooking a glacier, hiking on a high alpine plateau and foraging for wild berries, walking up mountains that no human has ever stood on before, and flying to a remote, deserted beach where the silence is broken only by crashing waves. Here you will discover a land like no other, a land of glaciers, mountains, and Arctic flowers – the perfect place to nurture your mind, body, and soul as you are completely disconnected from the modern world.

Float Plane

Access the best river rafting in the region via floatplane and enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled journey down the winding waterways. Allow expert guides to show you the phenomenal fishing opportunities that these salmon-rich river systems allow. Or head out on foot over the open tundra to discover crystal-clear streams and waterfalls with views over the mountains around every corner.

Active Volcano Crater

Challenge yourself further and traverse the slopes of an active volcano crater. Delight in some of the best bear viewing opportunities in the world alongside expert trackers who will teach you about the remarkable patterns of these creatures while you explore their natural habitat. Hike through verdant Alaskan rainforest discovering over 200 species of bird endemic to the state, and an ecosystem that is both delicate and historic.

Ultima Thule

From here head to Ultima Thule, a land that is ‘remote beyond reckoning’. Removed from civilisation and the pressures of everyday life and surrounded by the breath-taking wilderness of the Wrangell and St Elias Mountains. Explore the huge glaciers, mighty rivers, and dramatic wilderness of this land with experienced guides who love this vast place.

Kayaking Expedition

Take to the waters in a kayaking expedition up the remote and pristine waterways. Allow expert guides to show you the wealth and beauty of the surrounding flora and fauna and pull up on remote riverbanks to take a dip beneath waterfalls and explore further inland. After a day of adventure and paddling, arrive at a riverbank camp that has been set up for you. Sit beside a roaring campfire as the sun sets over this pristine wilderness bringing you as close to nature as you could ever hope to come. Share stories of the day’s adventures as you gaze at a starry sky and indulge in a delicious and restorative evening meal. Alaska is a true wilderness and you are sure to return with unforgettable memories and a desire to keep exploring this vast and rich landscape.

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