Leon Eley

Marketing & Social Executive

Born and bred in Northern Ireland, Leon has been captivated by the Irish landscape since a young age. He spent summers venturing into the majestic Mourne Mountains for hikes and camping, while also embracing the beautiful coastline, cliff-jumping, and swimming along the North Coast of the island, near the magnificent Giant’s Causeway.

Drawing inspiration from his love of Ireland, Leon’s passion for travel flourished, propelling him towards remarkable encounters. From taking on the role of a canoe instructor amidst the breathtaking Canadian Rockies in Alberta and embarking on exhilarating snorkelling escapades with whale sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Leon’s wanderlust is fuelled by an unwavering spirit of adventure.

Equipped with a degree in Politics, History, and International Relations from Loughborough University, Leon joined the Pelorus team within the Marketing and Social Media sphere. He aspires to collaborate with kindred spirits who share his unwavering dedication to exploration and conservation.

Number one unforgettable travel experience?

Travelling to Mexico and having the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the culture. While exploring the beautiful country, I had the chance to snorkel with whale sharks and manta rays in the Gulf of Mexico. This was followed by fresh ceviche on Isla Mujeres and the opportunity to venture into the surrounding coral reefs and experience the abundance of sea life.

Top of your travel bucket list?

As someone who thoroughly enjoys hiking and challenging himself, climbing Kilimanjaro and exploring the surrounding Tanzanian landscape would be an unforgettable experience. From exploring the dense rainforest at the base of Kilimanjaro, to collaborating with anti-poachers in the Serengeti. This, alongside the opportunity to increase my knowledge of conservation in East Africa, would have to be at the top of my bucket list.

Who is your ultimate travel partner?

Without a doubt, my partner would be my ultimate travel partner! He will say yes to – almost – anything and is an absolute joy to be around. I would love to travel the world with him!

Want to get in touch?

To contact Leon about marketing please email or give him a call.