Exploring Northern Kenya by Air

See Northern Kenya like never before as you soar over the rocky summits of Mount Kenya and marvel at the great lakes and otherworldly desert landscapes of Turkana. From above the land appears empty of life but, as you will discover, semi-nomadic tribes and desert-adapted wildlife roam these plains freely.

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£30,000 PP*
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8 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Spend three days in the Sera Conservancy, filling your days with quad biking and walking safaris alongside those who know the land and the wildlife better than anyone
  • Encounter remote tribes, from the Turkana tribe to the semi-nomadic Rendille tribe
  • Set out on a rhino-tracking adventure or visit the Reteti Elephant Orphanage for the most intimate wildlife experiences, getting up close to these magnificent animals
  • From a helicopter, explore the Suguta Valley and the shores of Lake Turkana.

Sera Conservancy

Arriving in Nairobi, hop aboard your private airplane which will fly you north to your tented camp, deep in the heart of Sera Conservancy.

A vast 35,000-hectare conservation area, this is a haven for wildlife and has been ever since its establishment by the local community in 2001. The first portion of your trip will see you exploring the majestic bushlands that surround you on quad bikes and foot, and it’s here, in the heart of the conservancy, where your private camp will be set up for you. On the banks of the Sereolipi lugga (dry riverbed) under a stretch of acacia trees, your shaded abode is luxury camping at its finest.

Wildlife Protection


The Sera Conservancy is home to a brilliant array of wildlife (think zebra, oryx, leopard and cheetah), and you’ll have the chance to get out there and experience it all. While at the camp, you’ll get the opportunity to join up with rangers from Northern Rangelands Trust to track the critically endangered Black Rhino (in 2015, ten Black Rhino were re-introduced to this area).

Following your morning with the rhino, you’ll hop on your quad bikes to explore more of the Sera. The beauty of Northern Kenya is its diverse landscape, and quad bikes are a fantastic way to traverse the sandy flats and rocky hillsides, spotting wildlife as you go.


Swap your quad for a Land Cruiser as you make your way to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. Set up in 2016, Reteti is the first community-owned and managed sanctuary of its type in Africa and is an incredible success story of elephant conservation, creating a model that has been shared globally. Your exclusive visit will see you going behind the scenes at the sanctuary to learn about how it operates, before watching the young elephants feed and play.

Suguta Valley

Leaving your camp in the Sera, your series of helicopter adventures begins. Soar through the diverse landscapes of the Suguta Valley, traversing the myriad of landscapes and cultures that inhabit this fascinating part of the world.

This morning, you’ll have several touchdowns including the Silali Crater, the Painted Valley (marvel at the layers of red and orange rock features that have been eroded and cut through over time), and the picturesque Hoodoe Valley that’s characterised by dramatic rock formations protruding several hundred feet from the valley floor.

Your next base is Koros Camp, nestled among trees and semi-arid scrubland at the northern end of the South Horr valley. Arrive for a late lunch and settle into your safari-style tent. Then, it’s back in the heli as you head out to explore the sprawling Suguta sand dunes. A seriously spectacular feat of nature and constantly changing with the winds, you’ll watch as the sun gently sets towards the horizon and casts beautiful shadows and colours over the dunes.


Lake Turkana

Leaving Koros Camp early, board your helicopter once again as you fly along the isolated eastern shores of Lake Turkana to meet members of the Turkana tribe – Kenya’s second largest pastoralist community whose life in this desolate region keeping their way of life true to their traditions.

Sibiloi National Park

From here, fly on to ‘Koobi Fora’ in Sibiloi National Park to discover some of the famous fossil sites that have been unearthed by the Leakey Foundation, including some of the oldest known fossil remains of Homo habilis.

Chalbi Desert

Following a picnic lunch in the Sibiloi, your final flight of the day will take you into the depths of the Chalbi Desert where your secluded, private fly camp has been set up for you, located in a  beautifully remote setting where you’ll be able to stargaze in the evenings and watch vibrant colours paint the sky at sunrise.

Rendille Tribe

To immerse yourself further in the fascinating culture and tradition of the region, you will venture into the Huri Hills to meet members of the Rendille tribe – semi-nomadic camel herders who have lived in these deserts for generations. Their way of life revolves around the seasons as they travel en masse with their livestock, following the rain in search of new pasture and water.

Then, fly on to Afgaba, a small mountain sacred to the Gabbra people where hundreds of millennia-old rock engravings cover the terrain.

Marvellous Mountains

Your final full day in Kenya will be jam-packed with exploration and adventure as you hike some of the region’s most spectacular mountains and meet fascinating tribes. Flying to the Ndoto Mountains, you will meet and walk with members of the Samburu tribe who live on the tops of the hills.

Then, journey onwards to Mathews Range. Known as ‘Sky Island’, the range rises from dry desolate plains into lush, forested hills and craggy peaks for yet another insight into Kenya’s vast landscapes.

Before returning home, take one last flight out over the dramatic peaks of Mount Kenya as you land on the lower slopes for a picnic breakfast. Hike next to the beautiful, and otherwise inaccessible, mountain lakes for a morning to remember.

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