Chico Basin Ranch

Colorado, USA


Located in nearly 90,000 acres of pristine shortgrass prairie with five spring-fed lakes, countless creeks and an abundance of wildlife, Chico Basin Ranch will captivate your imagination. After a long day’s riding lay back and relax as the ink-black sky illuminates with more stars than you imagined possible.

Key Features

  • Cosy authentic American ranch style rooms
  • Panoramic views of the grasslands
  • Comprehensive conservation projects
  • Traditional ranch-life activities


Nestled in one of the largest uninterrupted stretches of shortgrass and sand-sage prairies left in the United States, Chico Basin Ranch principal enterprise is raising cattle, but the estate also represents an important habitat for diverse populations of birds, pronghorn, deer, fish, insects, prairie dogs, coyotes, badgers, and much more.


A newly renovated, historic structure dating to the early 20th century and featuring three-foot thick adobe walls, will be your refuge during your stay.  With double and authentic bunk style beds, each room has its own American charm and is complete with a bathroom, full kitchen and sitting room.

What makes this property unique?

Immersing yourself fully in ranch life, head out at sun rise on horseback to gather and move pasture herds, before spending the afternoon checking the animal’s water, or repairing fences. Every day on the ranch is different, feeling a strong sense of contribution at the end of each day, your essential work will be vital to the operation of the ranch. Becoming a true part of the community you will complement daily ranch life with some leisurely hiking, birding, swimming, and fishing.


With scrumptious ingredients readily available, pack a delightful picnic onto your saddle to be eaten in the pasture during a break in the day. Returning to the lodge after a long day, a freshly prepared home-style dinner will be waiting each night.


Chico places the highest priority on restoring vegetative and wildlife ecologies by recycling nutrients and improving the water cycle, mimicking the symbiotic relationship between the North American High Plains grasslands and the great bison herds of the past. Promoting a traditional Ranch lifestyle, this immersive experience sustains local heritage and uses planned grazing techniques to maximise the longevity and use of the precious land. The Ranch works closely with conservation organisations to take advantage of science-based land management methods


With conservation and community at the heart of what Chico Basin Ranch do, you will leave feeling a sense of reward, satisfied by your hard work and the authentic ranch life experience. 

Why we love it

For the authentic down to earth Ranch experience, step back in time, roll up your sleeves and get busy on this active ranch. Learn about the great landscapes, wildlife and weather that dictate life in this stunning wilderness as you take in every aspect of this experience on horseback.

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