Iceland: Arctic Truck Team Trial Incentive

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Take part in an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, driving the whole width of Iceland from south to north. This is a cross-country challenge, with a route that carves through some of the most stunning volcanic scenery on Earth. The adventure will be led by one of the finest polar exploration guides, who has led an expedition to the South Pole in these very models. His knowledge of driving in tough environments is unrivalled. It’s not just grit and grunt, however, as in true Pelorus fashion we have used our contact network to ensure that the evening is comfortable and each day is different to the last, making the most of the incredible experiences that Iceland has to offer.

Day 1

The adventure starts from the moment guests land in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. They’ll be met by a private driver, who will transfer them via stunning scenery to a remote lodge. Here guests will have the opportunity to settle in and relax before a driving brief from their off-roading expert. Guests will then enjoy a lively supper using the best of seasonal ingredients.

Day 2

In the morning, guests will look out of the window to see a cavalcade of 4×4 trucks in a row. These are the vehicles that will drive the width of Iceland. Following the lead car, guests will start crossing of the Land of Fire and Ice. The first day will be a glorious climb into the mountains, past hot springs and through glacial rivers, stopping for lunch in a remote and stunning location. In the afternoon, guests will climb higher still on the gravel track, reaching their base before sunset.

The base for the next two nights is a rustic highland lodge high in the mountains, which will be specially revamped for the occasion – think reindeer rugs and open fires and you’re on the right track. A renowned local chef will be flown in to ensure that the cuisine is as breath-taking as the surroundings – over the course of two evenings you’ll explore some of the best food the island has to offer.

Day 3

The next day guests will drive to a glacier to put their driving skills, and the trucks, to the test. They’ll also swap wheels for tracks as they hop onto snowmobiles. The fleet will head off across the snow, making for the Ice Cave. Given the right conditions, we will set up a bespoke lunch within the cave – if not, we will have another outdoor white tablecloth set up for a lunch in truly remarkable surroundings. Once done, guests will return to the highland lodge.

Day 4

On the third and last day of driving, guests will set out to complete the four-wheel crossing of Iceland. The route will comprise yet more testing conditions, through beautiful valleys and dramatic gorges in the shadow of dormant volcanoes.

The drive concludes at Deplar Farm, arguably the finest and most isolated lodge in Iceland, where guests can enjoy massages and a swim before a final celebratory meal.

Day 5

The next morning, helicopters will return guests to Reykjavik Airport for their international flights home, with the achievement of being one of few people who have driven the entire length of Iceland.


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