Svalbard: The Ultimate Ski Trip

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The isolated archipelago of frozen tundra, Northern Lights and midnight sun; Svalbard’s imposing landscape, stark glaciers and incredible wildlife offer a diverse and unparalleled terrain. An intimate knowledge of the climate within this tough environment, is essential for a successful experience. Working with the most competent and reliable experts, it is possible to explore regions that, until recently, were considered wildly off limits.

A three-day expedition to the wilderness of Svalbard, with luxury camping, high quality food, and the most spectacular landscape in the arctic. All the camps are set up in advance, with heated tents, real beds, a specialist chef on location to provide the highest quality food at the end of each day’s exploration, and a guide to be on Polar Bear watch while the guests are sleeping.

Svalbard is reached by flying into Longyear Airport, located 1.6 nautical miles northwest of Longyearbyen. It is the northernmost airport in the world with scheduled public flights. Guests can expect close encounters with walrus colonies and polar bears, and for certain periods will be the most northerly people on Earth.

Day 1

Welcome onto the island, followed by introductions and expedition briefings. The group will be divided into teams with a Pelorus mentor hosting each. The group will be divided into teams with a Pelorus mentor hosting each. With a full briefing including personal safety, polar bears, rapidly changing weather conditions as well protected cultural heritage sites, your team will settle in to their luxury camp for the night. Embedded in the Arctic silence, guests will wake up to the magnificent arctic landscape just outside one’s tent.

Day 2

Armed with unseen co-ordinates, each team will be tasked to journey east across the ice caps and glaciers via snowmobile fleet. Check points will be timed and recorded as well assessing team morale. Pelorus ground- support and safety teams will track each fleet.

Day 3

From camp, team members will be kitted out with arctic trekking gear and tasked on a polar bear photography safari. Having been shown hotspots and pitfalls of the nearby landscape, teams will be tasked to navigate to seek the most affecting photography of their landscape. Fully kitted out in arctic trekking gear, and having been shown hotspots and pitfalls of the nearby landscape, the teams will be tasked to navigate and seek the most affecting photograph of their surrounding landscape. The top prize would of course be the majestic polar bear.

Day 4

Explore the abandoned Russian mining town, almost perfectly preserved in the state in which it was left when some 3000 miners were told to move out overnight. With the exception of Chernobyl, there are few better examples of deserted towns anywhere in the world.

Day 5

Return to via Longyearbyen.


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