Venice: The Grand Immersive Treasure Hunt

Brand Experiences & Team Incentives

You and your team will be welcomed to the floating city, to be immersed in a treasure trail speckled with highlights from the Venice Biennale.

Wander through quiet backstreets looking for symbols inside ancient churches, and grand piazzas, uncovering the darker side of Venice from inside its crypts and secret passages. You and your team will seek new angles on an otherwise unexplored city, embellished with hand-picked local guides and specialist private dining experiences. A city rich in world-famous romantic architecture which is inescapably sinking, you and your team will follow a breadcrumb treasure trail of time-precious sights.

A series of coordinates, clues and riddles will fill each day, as all teams strive to solve their cryptic path first. Clues will carve a journey through a quest for answers from a boat ride across the Venetian Lagoon, to the cemeteries of San Michele and through the Venetian arsenal to the seemingly unexplored islands off Venice.

Day 1

On arrival, you and your team will be welcomed to the floating city over lunch, where the brief for the rest of the trip will be established. The teams will be divided, and your first co-ordinates will be offered. Each group will be led by a Pelorus guide, who will lift the lid on the city’s hidden secrets. Teams will regroup over dinner to muse over their findings, and spark excitement for the day ahead.

Day 2

The competition will reach new heights as teams journey through tricky riddles taking them from gondolas to world-renowned architectural peaks: in a race against time. Later, celebrations ensue for the winning team, dining in an extra-special venue for the evening. We have the option to join all teams together later to celebrate with a classic Venetian masked soiree.

Day 3

Reeling from their wins or losses, all teams will enjoy a morning’s bike ride journeying through the ‘sunset trail’ in Lio Piccolo. A place reminiscent of the past, this relatively inaccessible island is an ancient rural hamlet immersed in a quaint, suggestive landscape which features long lagoon canals.

Day 4

Following a celebratory dinner the night before, then a sumptuous breakfast first thing, guests will depart.


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