Pelorus X Camp Kerala

We’ve joined forces with glamping pioneers, Camp Kerala. This new partnership combines the very best of adventure travel, with hedonistic hospitality to boot, as these two British brands bring together family and friends in the greatest of comfort and privacy, to enjoy adventure in remote UK corners.

This ambitious and innovative venture will unlock exclusive experiences across the UK, not before accessible to luxury travellers. In a time when real wilderness is rare, Pelorus endeavours to bring the unimaginable to life, with Camp Kerala by its side to spread joy and create a seamless hospitality experience. 


Pelorus and Camp Kerala will build every journey from scratch so that the camp will become a ‘home away from home’, a bespoke series of activities and experiences organised by Pelorus will be at the heart of the journey. Imagine beautifully designed maharaja tents with the softest of beds, in-tent service, delicious dining and the legendary CK bar to return home to after a day of excitement, so that the fun can continue long into the night.


The Pelorus team have created some ideas of the sort of locations and experiences we could create for you, all based around your own luxurious Camp Kerala retreat. Of course, if you’d like to hear more about other locations across the UK and further afield please get in touch, every experience is tailored from scratch so nearly anything is possible.


From dramatic cliffs and islands, open oceans and hidden golden bays to the rolling hills and hidden forests of the countryside and it’s picture-perfect towns, Pembrokeshire is one of the most captivating places in South Wales. Steeped in myth and legend, the coast has inspired artists and poets for centuries. 

Ideal for a group of friends or families looking to catch-up on quality time together.


Scotland is the jewel of the British Isles and offers the most variety, from white sandy beaches, stunning islands, dramatic peaks and gin clear rivers and lochs. Hike the rugged Scottish landscape, spotting wildlife species such as golden eagles, otters, hen harriers, red deer and seals. Forage with a naturalist and unearth wild crops before dining in your luxury camp.

Perfect for an activity-filled family holiday or a small and alternative wedding party.

Whether it is a celebratory occasion or a family adventure, Pelorus’ aim is to build something truly extraordinary in travel. There is so much of these isles not being seen – we aim to show people what is out there, with the finest accommodation, dining and service to come home to. Camp Kerala certainly know how to provide all of this, and one hell of a party.”




The South West of England, also known as Wessex, is the largest region of England offering an abundance of natural beauty, adventure and luxury. explore the historical importance of the West Country and take in the stunning architecture of the many monastic sites and learn more about the historic period of the dissolution of the monasteries.

Great for those with a passion for history and English culture.


Stretching from the North Sea coast, over the Pennine Mountains, and inland across empty moorland and rolling hills, Yorkshire is the UK’s largest county offering incredible scenery, outdoor adventure and luxury camps. Home to historic castles, cathedrals and abbeys, step back in time into the rich past as you marvel at the dramatic ruins that dominate the landscape.

Great for a belated milestone birthday with close friends and family.

Each of our experiences, whether they are in the UK or further afield, is taken through a thorough risk assessment and are always tailored to individual requests. We continue to closely monitor regulations and government guidelines, alongside consulting specialists, in light of Covid-19, and will always make sure our guests, staff and partners locally feel safe in the knowledge that our military-style preparation will be at the forefront of each incredible experience.

*location suggestions and group sizes possible at time of publishing. Rest assured we continue to evolve plans to make sure you’re all still able to travel safely.

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