Skye: A race around the Island

Brand Experiences & Team Incentives

A race around the island where you will have to collect specified items and complete challenges over the course of the day e.g.: get the name on a plaque at a remote harbour in the north; a fresh clam obtained by beach combing and a photo from the summit of Storr. Each aspect of the race will be pushed through filters of ‘self-awareness’, ‘motivating others’ and ‘stressful situations’ in order to emulate curriculum-based learnings, applied to abstract terrain. The skill-level required to complete each stage will be built to suit the team. Pelorus is mindful of physical capabilities amongst all group members.

Day 1

Guest arrival to the island. A welcome to include kit fitting, local briefing and terrain tips. An evening hosted by Pelorus specialists discussing recent excursions and acclimatisation. Guests are split into teams and tasked with specific roles within the group, with a Pelorus leadership contact embedded within both. Each task is time trialled.

Day 2

Each team are given their routes/tasks for the day ahead. This will include coordinates to find their boat which will sail the teams around the island. Further kit will be hidden at concealed location point, prompting the decision to split the team to seek supplies and better their time. Both teams will navigate through coordinates, plus additional locations for bonus points. Each team will return to their lodge for the night to review their course.

Day 3

An advised early start takes each team through the remainder of their tasked coordinates and finishing their lap of the island in due course. First group back wins. Both teams will hear a review of their approach and witness the balance of their capabilities across the board, with the addition of any bonus tasks fulfilled, followed by a celebratory dinner.

Day 4

Both teams will regroup for a morning of outdoor pursuits with experts in their chosen field before guests depart for home. On the morning of departure, the group wake up to a first light short hike to an incredible breakfast spot, where both teams will regroup to review their highlights of the trip before departure home.


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