LUXURY Antarctica vacations

Antarctica is known for its breathtaking scenery, diverse wildlife and scientific discovery.

Antarctica is a popular destination to visit via yacht; however, if you’d prefer to have two feet on the ground, there’s no stopping you from visiting Antarctica. Explore the icy desert and marvel at the savage beauty of Antarctica and its incredible wildlife. Stay in luxury camps in the heart of the wilderness.

The Pelorus team are pioneers in creating bespoke luxury Antarctica vacations, using our network of experts to design your private and unique experiences.  


Whichaway Camp, Antarctica

Amidst the pristine wilderness, a series of cream domes jut out of the bright, white landscape. Home to Whichaway Camp, the only luxury destination in the world’s most southerly continent. This is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience – only a handful of people are lucky enough to stay in this otherworldly camp.


Echo Camp, Antarctica

Blending an ultra-luxury experience with a once in a lifetime adventure, Echo Camp draws inspiration from the seminal age of Space exploration to provide exclusive access to the rarely seen interior of the Continent.


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