Our Process

How we work

The life-enhancing experiences we design at Pelorus Travel are ambitious and hugely innovative. Every itinerary is bespoke to you, your family or your group’s needs. Here’s how we make it happen.


  • Initial Meeting
  • Research
  • Proposal
  • Fine-tuning
  • Pre-departure
  • Your Experience

1. Initial Meeting

It all starts with a phone call.

We listen to you and understand what you want, gaining a deep understanding of exactly what it is you’re hoping to achieve from your experience so we can take your wildest dreams and turn them into a reality.

2. Research

Our project team, lead by an experienced Project Manager, will then carry out extensive research around your brief. As your trip starts to take shape, we work with our global contacts to uncover the most unique and suitable opportunities for you.

3. Proposal

We will then present you with multiple options, each with varying levels of luxury, action, adventure and exclusivity. Once you and your travel companions have had time to review these, we will chat further to discuss each proposal and which one you’re drawn to most.

“The foundation of their process is inspired by a military document the duo used during their time in the armed forces, which helped ensure that all logistics and risk assessments were addressed. Carroll and Mackay-Lewis have altered the questions from the planning tool so that they can be applied to the travel sector, covering their bases when brainstorming how to deliver an unforgettable experience.”

Robb Report

An interview with Pelorus Founders, Jimmy Carroll & Geordie Mackay-Lewis

4. Fine-tuning

In order to fine-tune your itinerary, your Project Managers do a deep dive into every detail and carry out in-depth risk assessments so that every minute is as extraordinary as the last. If necessary, we will conduct a recce of your destination to develop your bespoke experience further. Once you’re happy, our team will confirm everything for you.

5. Pre-departure

After you’ve approved the final itinerary, our Project Managers will continue to monitor all aspects of the experience, as well as the in-country situation. We will share a pack that includes your bespoke itinerary, profiles of your host and guides, advise on immunisations, documentation, cultural observations, packing lists and relevant contacts.

6. Your Experience

Throughout your time away, our team are fully on hand to offer 24/7 support and to make sure every step runs smoothly.

Planning your experience

If you’d like to chat to our team more about your adventure and how we work, we’d love to hear from you.