Sweden Luxury Vacations

Covered with lakes, freshwater streams, and snow-capped mountains. Sweden is a fresh, wildlife-watching luxury vacation full of Nordic adventure.

Wander the Swedish capital’s Royal Palace, Cathedral twisting alleyways and 200-year old windmill that sits side-by-side with nature and a tranquil archipelago.

Take a boat to Gotland, the largest of Sweden’s islands surrounded by crystal waters and sand beaches. Discover the island’s fascinating Viking history complete with stone-age skeletons and crumbling medieval churches.

Explore the island’s only town, Visby, labeled the best-preserved trading town in northern Europe.

Fly to Swedish Lapland and witness the midnight sun or dancing northern lights. Explore the snowy wilderness of Sweden in a dog sled and get the chance to meet the Sami people from whom you can learn about their traditions and culture.

Luxury Accommodation in Sweden

Loggers Lodge, Harads

With no light, sound, or air pollution, this is a place where you can disconnect from the outside world and experience untouched nature in its purest form.


Icehotel, Harads

200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, under the shimmering colors of the Northern Lights, is situated a unique exhibition of luxury and innovation. Recreated every winter, this extraordinary hub of art and adventure is unmatched in both size and beauty. Its magnificent interior bursts with striking statues and spectacular architecture, forming galleries by day and hotel rooms by night.


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