Head on a voyage of unparalleled luxury to unlock the secrets of Central America with a bespoke experiences, marrying culture and luxury. Traverse the lush jungle landscapes of Costa Rica, dive into the ocean blue in Belize, or discover the history, art and culture of Panama.

City and Jungle Adventures

Picture a private haven in the heart of Costa Rica’s rainforests, where our hand picked eco-lodges seamlessly blend into nature. Wander through the vibrant markets of Guatemala savoring traditional dishes and local delicacies or delve into the rich history of Nicaragua and the ancient indigenous tribes of the Nahuatl people, as you unveil the wonders of Central America.

Ocean Exploration

Fly out to Belize’s Great Blue Hole by helicopter before being dropped off to explore further. Dive deep within this enormous marine sinkhole outlined by stunning coral reef, then grab your surfboard as we fly you out beyond the break to jump into the blue and kickstart a day of surfing in true style.

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