Luxury Chad Vacations

Bordered by volcanic mountains and sandstone peaks, Chad offers a luxury vacation full of unexplored land, windswept deserts and diverse national parks.

Fly over the Chad’s vast expanse of sand complete with pyramids, ravines, sandstone pillars, and towers forged by the strong desert winds and burning temperatures.

Discover the paintings that cover the ancient sandstone surfaces of the Chad desert that depict the Neolithic inhabitants of times gone by. Discover the Guelta d’Archei, a famous oasis in the arid heat, giving life to nomadic herders, camels, and crocodiles.

Head to Zakouma National park and discover a conservation success story where elephants, buffalo and Kordofan giraffe wander the bush.

Luxury Chad Accommodation

Camp Warda, Ennedi Plateau

Deep in the seemingly inhospitable and barren Ennedi Plateau, Camp Warda has created a unique experience visited by few before. The first semi-permanent tented camp in this location, it provides an exciting new opportunity for exploration in the heart of the Ennedi Massif, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2016.


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