With May brings the charm of outdoor exploration and the promise of new adventures await! It is the perfect time of year to embrace the beauty of the natural world and set out on bespoke journeys that bring to line with the vibrance of spring. Below are our top destinations for your May travels.

May Inspiration


Embark on a journey that spans from antiquity to the present, exploring all the classical wonders of Greece. Warm weather and limited crowds await, so enjoy scenic drives along breathtaking coastlines and delve into the distinctive character of the north for diverse terrains and cultures.


Set out on an epic road trip adventure through the picturesque landscapes of Colorado and Utah, where exhilaration awaits every turn. Enjoy horseback mountain adventures, conquer rock faces with expert guides and navigate rugged desert terrain on thrilling 4x4 backcountry excursions.

French Polynesia

In May, seek refuge from peak season and bask in the charm of French Polynesia's islands. With humidity levels dropping, this period is the ideal time for exploration. Delve into the vibrant marine life and coral wonders whilst scuba diving and partake in crucial conservation efforts to safeguard the endangered coral and its thriving ecosystem.


Discover Mongolia’s natural beauty in May as the landscape bursts into a kaleidoscope of wildflowers in the Altai mountains. Horseback ride and hike through mountain passes and blooming meadows. Enjoy a unique stay in traditional gers, hosted by a Kazakh Mongolian family. From here you will get to witness the mesmerizing skill of the eagle hunters, and learn about this ancient art and culture to prepare you for your very own hunt.

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