Celebrate Valentine’s Day this month with a romantic getaway. Embark on a luxury vacation with your loved one or, for those who enjoy a family break, February beckons as the best time to visit destinations brimming with exciting family adventures. Our team of travel experts are ready to offer expert guidance and recommendations to ensure your trip is nothing short of exceptional.

February Inspiration


With seven national parks, home to waterways teeming with life, Chile is an angler’s and adventurer's paradise. The Chilean Lake District stands out, featuring glacial lakes set against a backdrop of snow-cloaked volcanos. Picture rainforests with ancient trees, islands steeped in folklore, and a network of national parks with picturesque hiking trails. February offers the best time of year to enjoy these natural wonders in Chile’s otherwise icy climate, as it is one of the warmer months.

Costa Rica

Journey to Costa Rica in February, when the rainy season gives way to warm sun-drenched landscapes. For adventure lovers, embark on expeditions such as kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, and white-water rafting. In the company of expert naturalist guides, spot exotic wildlife including vibrant birds and marine life.

South Africa

In February, South Africa reveals its rich tapestry of wildlife through safaris that extend beyond the renowned Big 5. Embark on a journey through lush bird-filled landscapes and native flora before setting your sights on the marine wonders of the ocean, playful Cape fur seals, a variety of shark species as well as the endangered African Penguin. With a touch of luck, you might even encounter the “Elusive Five”: a collection of rare and coveted treasures from the animal kingdom. Conclude your trip in Cape Town where you can relax on stunning beaches and savor the finest wines amidst picturesque vineyards in the Cape Winelands.


February presents an ideal opportunity to explore Rwanda, with fewer crowds and more favorable weather conditions. Against the backdrop of mountains and the awe-inspiring Virunga volcanoes, the landscape offers extraordinary trekking adventures. Here, you can encounter majestic mountain wildlife, including Rwanda’s iconic gorillas. For a truly exceptional experience, participate in exclusive conservation activities for the chance to make a personal impact and gain a deeper understanding of the region’s unique and precious biodiversity.

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