Luxury Uzbekistan Vacations

Central Asia’s largest landlocked country, Uzbekistan is a treasure trove of art, tradition and architectural magnificence. Experience Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s oldest city and an eclectic and culturally diverse mix of tree-lined boulevards, Soviet blocks, mud-walled houses, and ornate mosques.

Visit the ancient city of Samarkand, an oasis on the fringes of the Kysyl Kum Desert best known for being a Silk Road town and a crossroad of cultures boasting a bloody history and architectural wonders.

Witness Uzbekistan’s fast-shrinking Aral Sea or head to the Nuratau Mountains, filled with waterfalls and forests, and meet Tajik peoples and Kazakh shepherds.

Trek old sheepherder trails in the Gissar foothills, stopping for campfire tea surrounded by spectacular scenery, or visit local families and experience Uzbekistan’s warm and unique hospitality.

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