Whether it’s heli-skiing through the mountains in Arctic Alaska to marveling at the enormity of polar bears in Svalbard, the Arctic Circle boasts a whole host of opportunities and experiences for all who venture up to its Northern reaches.

The glorious sunshine of the summer months bring warmth, wildlife and color as the Land of the Midnight Sun truly comes to light. Whilst the winter months bring darkness, the Northern Lights fill the sky with a transcendent dance of light. No matter the season, our team at Pelorus will ensure your vacation curates all elements of bespoke luxury whilst ensuring you experience the extraordinary.

The Arctic Circle: Winter's Ultimate Playground

The Arctic Circle encompasses a variety of destinations: the Scandinavian Peninsula, Russia, Northern America, Canada, Greenland and many more islands dotted throughout the Arctic Ocean.

Where to explore?

The Svalbard Islands, Norway

A collection of Norwegian Islands, the Svalbard Islands offer culture and adventure in abundance, from abandoned historic settlements, fine dining and polar bear sightings, to abseiling into crevasses, snowmobile exploration and dog sledding over glacial ice caps. This Norwegian archipelago will imprint memories that will last a lifetime.

Finnish Lapland, Finland

Wrap up warm as you and your family head to Finnish Lapland visiting Europe’s largest lake district, dropping you right in the middle of nature. Weave amongst the trees in husky-pulled sledges, and head out with an expert naturalist to look for wolves, bears and elks as you follow fresh tracks in the snow. Gaze up at the nights sky as the Northern Lights dance above your head.

Arctic Alaska, USA

Explore this vast Arctic playground filled with wildlife, adventure, and culture. Discover the key inhabitants of this Arctic tundra and how the Nunamiut, Athabascan Indians and Inupiaq Eskimo people all survive in this white desert landscape. Spot the migration of the caribou as they make their way to new habitats. Wonder at this remarkable landscape from the heights of a helicopter before jumping out to head on a day’s skiing led by our expert guides.

Northern Norway

Experience an exclusive insight into local communities and their ancient practices alongside Sámi reindeer herders. Snuggle up in one of Norway’s luxury hideaways and gaze upon the Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky above. Explore frozen lakes by snowmobile before drilling through the thick ice to catch lunch. Norway is truly a natural haven.

Antarctica: Unearth a World of Pioneers

 Embark on a journey to Antarctica and follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest explorers, unveiling the hidden treasures of this untouched continent. For a bucket-list experience like no other, Antarctica is a true pioneering opportunity for those who crave the extraordinary.

What to expect

Breathtaking adventures

The Pelorus team are trailblazers in curating luxury and tailor-made Antarctic adventures. Imagine heli-skiing down mountain ranges, hiking across the vast Southern Ocean glaciers or delving deep into ice caves as you wander between its frozen blue walls.

Witness an abundance of wildlife, from the majestic Emperor Penguins to the breath taking spectacle of humpback whales breaching along the shorelines. Become a part of history by contributing to the work of Antarctic experts in their drive to new discoveries.

Where you’ll stay

Luxury camps ensure that your time in Antarctica is spent in complete comfort. Sip sundowners as you gaze upon the white desert or indulge in a sauna as you take in the grandeur of the surrounding frozen glaciers. Warm, cozy double beds await your arrival, ensuite bathrooms and private fine dining provide the epitome of luxury within this virtually untouched landscape. By choosing Pelorus, your stay will be nothing less than unforgettable.

Research and Conservation

Our conservation charity, Pelorus Foundation, has facilitated pivotal research even in the most remote corners of our planet, offering our clients the unique opportunity, to be a part of history whilst supporting researchers during their stay.

Please contact one of our team to discuss incorporating a conservation experience into your adventure.

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