Luxury Greece Vacations

Greece is the perfect luxury vacation destination, a place of warm hospitality, glorious sunshine, and wonderful history. In the foothills of Mount Velouchi surrounded by rivers and gorges, hike through the wild scenery and stop in stone-paved villages soaked in authentic Greek culture.

Witness history in Athens as the ancient Acropolis stands sentinel over the city which teems with life and vibrancy in the Greek markets and narrow streets below. 

Visit the islands of Crete and Santorini and relax on Greece’s volcanic beaches or at one of the many harbourside cafes, bars, and restaurants. 

Paddle or horseback ride the Nestos Straits and see the stunning verdant forest blanketing the steep mountain slopes. Appreciate the marine paradise of Lake Vistonida, a unique ecosystem to Greece, of vast wetlands housing European otters, wild cats, and pink flamingos.

Luxury Greece Accommodation


Carved from the cliffs of Greece’s most iconic and desirable island, sits an exclusive selection of luxury escapes. Dark volcanic stone creates a stark contrast with the typical whitewashed walls, while splashes of pink Bougainvillea rustle in the gentle sea breeze. Shimmering infinity pools give way seamlessly to infinite views over the Aegean Sea, providing the ultimate haven of clifftop tranquility.



A mystical hideaway designed to help guests unwind and connect with nature, everything at The Rooster is perfectly calibrated for rest and relaxation, from the spa to the interiors to the cuisine.


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