Luxury China Vacations

China is a cultural hub full of modern skylines that are peppered with ancient architecture and celebrate a cultural history that stems back millennia.

Visit iconic sites during your luxury vacation in China such as the Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China and boat ride through picturesque antique water towns. Trek through ancient trade links through juniper forests and picnic on snow-capped mountains to watch the amber hues at sunrise. Go in search of rare species endemic to China and immerse yourself into Panda conservation.

Dive into world-famous gastronomy and private lessons in the art of Tai Chi, before staying at some of China’s most luxurious hotels. 

Luxury China Accommodation

The Opposite house, Beijing

In the center of Beijing, the striking exterior of The Opposite House rises above the streets with its mellow green windows and innovative design. This urban hideout is at the forefront of cosmopolitan chic and gourmet dining, with its iconic one-star Michelin restaurant Jing Yaa Tang, being the ideal base to reinvigorate before heading out into the bright lights and activity of the Chinese capital. 


The Temple House, Chengdu

As peaceful as its name implies, The Temple House combines classic design with modern amenities. Located in the heart of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, The Temple House serves as a tranquil retreat from the vibrant cultural city, offering a serene environment to rejuvenate before venturing out to explore historic alleys and shaded courtyards.


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