As September ushers in the subtle transition to fall, it's the perfect opportunity for a brief escape to soak up the last rays of summer sun. Our team of travel experts has thoughtfully compiled a selection of unforgettable destinations, setting the stage for you to begin planning your September getaway.

September Inspiration


With its warth and minimal rainfall, August is the best time to explore the RamibRand Nature Reserve. Picture traversing the iconic orange Sossuvlei dunes and the expansive Dead Vlei, with each distinctive landscape and experience promising to leave you spellbound.


Escape to Portugal and immerse yourself in an array of exceptional experiences. Embark on a culinary journey through Porto, guided by a local food connoisseur and feel the thrill of a sidecar motorbike tour through the picturesque landscapes. By day, catch the waves with a world-class surfing instructor and gaze at the cosmos with a renowned Astro photographer over Alqueva Lake by night.


Head to Canada in September for an unparalleled nature experience. Explore the unspoilt landscapes of the Great Bear Rainforest with expert guides to witness a plethora of incredible creatures, all in their natural habitats. Fly to remote glacier-cut fjords in a helicopter for the ultimate fishing experience and a tapestry of fish to catch. The beauty of Canada is that you can experience a blend of nature’s wonders, from snow-capped mountains to white sand beaches, all in one unforgettable day.


As September arrives, enjoy the slightly warmer weather and the heightened wildlife activity. Immerse yourself in nature through trekking adventures, glimpsing lemurs and their young alongside various reptiles. Plunge into the depths to swim alongside the whale sharks for an unforgettable underwater experience, or witness the remarkable migration of humpback whales as they journey from the Antarctic to calve in these waters.

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