In October, the approach of winter may bring cooler temperatures, but there's still an abundance of warmth to be found in extraordinary destinations across the world, provided you know where to look. This is where our team of travel experts step in, ready to guide you to the destinations where the sun still shines and adventures await.

October Inspiration


Embarking on a journey to Japan during the enchanting fall months promises a more serene and exclusive experience as the crowds dwindle. Witness the spectacular foliage that blankets the nation in a tapestry of red, orange and yellow, and delve into the world of anime in what’s known as the Electric Town of Akihabara. Here you can immerse yourself in a fusion of contemporary and traditional arts and crafts.


October presents an ideal window to explore the northern parts of Australia due to the lower levels of humidity and warmer weather. Immerse yourself in the Daintree rainforest, where rare Cassowary birds, crocodiles, kangaroos, and an array of wildlife await. Next, head to the coast to explore the Great Barrier Reef and retreat to opulent lodges like those nestled on Lizard Island. Finally, take in the breath-taking panoramas of the Whitsunday Islands on a luxury private boat.


October brings clear visibility and mild temperatures to Bhutan, perfect for hiking expeditions and outdoor pursuits. For those seeking to learn new skills, try your hand at the ancient art of archery with an ex-Olympian or combine the thrill of a helicopter ride with off-road mountain biking for an unforgettable heli-biking excursion through the Himalayas.


Gain exclusive access to the hidden treasures of the Mustang Valley, where you can be one of the lucky few to trek through these colorful canyons and arid deserts. As day turns to night, retire to a luxury camp where the clear night sky unveils a blanket of stars. For wildlife enthusiasts, embark on a Nepalese safari to encounter wild tigers roaming the jungles.

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