Luxury Turkmenistan Vacations

A hidden gem of Central Asia, a luxury vacation in Turkmenistan boasts intriguing culture, fascinating history, and truly spectacular landscapes.

Explore Nisa, an ancient treasure trove of history and culture surrounded by the spectacular Kopet-Dag Mountains. Or head to Turkmenistan’s Tolkuchka Bazaar, one of Central Asia’s most exciting open markets brimming with carpets, jewelry and livestock. Take the rare chance to encounter the isolated Nokhur people who have developed their own cultures and traditions in their village 3,600 feet above the Karakum Desert.

Journey to Turkmenbashi, a vibrant Balkan city perched on the Caspian Sea. Venture inland to Turkmenistan’s dramatic Yangykala Canyon, a moonscape of serrated limestone cliffs and visit the burial place of Gozli Ata and his wife.

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