An Icelandic Family Adventure

Shaped by its extraordinary geothermal topography, Iceland boasts turquoise geothermal lagoons, ice-covered volcanoes, and ethereal waterfalls. Adventure through this wild and rugged landscape on a series of high-octane and action-packed experiences, perfect for the whole family.

When to go
Feb-Mar, Jul-Oct
From Price
$27,200 PP*
Ideal Length
8 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Whale watching near Reykjavik
  • Discover Iceland by 4×4, ATV, kayak, and horseback
  • Explore Thingvellir National Park and descend into a dormant volcano
  • White water rafting, fishing lessons, and sea kayak on Troll Peninsula

Reykjavik & Remote Lodge

Arrive in Iceland’s vibrant capital, Reykjavic where you will cruise the surrounding waters by boat. Soak up stunning city views as you go in search of majestic marine species such as humpback whales and white-beaked dolphins. Your children are sure to enjoy the excitement of competing to see who can spot the most marine wildlife. In a private 4×4 vehicle perfect for the whole family, traverse this dramatic country, navigating snow-covered tracks and glacier ridges.

Upon arrival at your private lodge, find yourself in a haven of tranquility, enjoying your family’s company and unbelievable scenery. Visit secluded hot springs to bathe in geothermal waters for a deeply restorative experience. In ATVs, speed through striking landscapes to discover hidden waterfalls and secret geysers that rise out of the ground. This is the perfect playground for your family to explore and there is no better way to navigate this terrain than on a fleet of ATVs.

On to your next stay, across another swathe of gorgeously rugged terrain to an authentic highland lodge—ideal for reconnecting as a family without any distractions. You’ll meet a superb Icelandic chef who will conduct an engaging cooking masterclass—and tasting, of course—employing local ingredients.

Journey on snowmobiles, accompanied by an expert guide, to discover the ethereal beauty of nearby ice caves. It’s a rare chance for younger members of the group to learn about the creation of these unique natural sculptures and the geological forces at work in the area. With glaciers also close by to this fantastic retreat, the opportunity for exposure to remarkable natural phenomena is incredible.

Thingvellir & Hike Thorsmork

At Thingvellir National Park, discover the site where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet, a stunning place to teach your children about the workings of the earth. Hike along winding trails, discovering lakes formed by volcanic eruptions and eerie dark lava fields. Boasting rolling slopes, underground tunnels, and ancient caves, the Blue Mountains are an explorer’s paradise and you and your children can take up the mantle of expeditionary explorers.

Board a heli to witness this eclectic landscape from the air. Land by a dormant volcano before hiking to its volcanic crater where you will descend into the depths via open cable lift. This is the perfect way for your family to uncover Iceland’s extraordinary and exciting geology.

Onto Thorsmork’s pristine wilderness of glaciers, serrated mountain ridges, and volcanoes. Navigate along the trails with your family thrilling to the sense of expeditionary adventure. Climb into kayaks or a boat next, paddling the serene glacial lagoons of Vatnajökull National Park as you look for wildlife on the banks.

Troll Peninsula

Onto the Troll Peninsula where you and your family will discover this vast wilderness from the saddles of purebred Nordic horses. Unearth the rugged valleys by foot or on bikes to witness breathtaking waterfalls, and allow expert guides to teach you and your children the art of fishing. To get your adrenaline pumping, a whitewater rafting adventure down Iceland’s strong rapids and dramatic ravines allows you to witness the country’s extraordinary scenery from a new perspective. This thrilling experience is a fantastic family activity as you work together to navigate rapids.

Explore the peninsula’s gorgeous coast and extraordinary wildlife by sea kayak. Accompanied by a guide, your children will discover the importance of habitat preservation before having momentous encounters with minke whales and majestic orcas. This is a trip that will become a cherished family memory.

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